Evil Genome – A great Metroidvania title

Ah, not every day do you get the excitement of waking up with amnesia from a futuristic jet crash. You can smell the fresh smell

Let’s Review… BonBon

Bonbon is a short horror story, about your childhood. Even if you weren't a small child in the 80s, you've been here before. Just you

Shark Dating Sim XL – Sun, Sea, and Seduction

Ever wanted to date a flirtatious shark girl? No? Then maybe you should bump it up your list, and nab Shark Dating Simulator XL, a

Amberskull demo – A Horror Anthology

Do you know what I miss? Horror movies that did more than hauntings and serial killers. What happened to the good old days; where increasing

A Day in the Woods – Let’s Review!

Goodness, what big teeth you have, Grandma!!!You know the story of Red Riding Hood, don’t you? The Little girl in fetching crimson hat takes some

Meet the Cast

Five Nights of Fear: The Joy of Creation

Jump Scares Galore! The Joy of Creation: Story Mode, a fan-made Five Nights at Freddy's game, has been a long time coming. The game's development has

Fidelio Incident

Sex parties, Ireland, and the history behind first-person thriller The Fidelio Incident

What makes the events of someone’s life a story worth telling? The Fidelio Incident, developed by Act 3 Games, focuses on the story of a

Sky Knights – Barrel roll to victory!

Wanted to be a fighter pilot as a child? To brave the skies and risk life and limb for your mission? How about knocking some

Neorj – It’s elementary my dear

It's not every day you can have a small dragon ally shooting fire, ice and lightning at your enemies, but this is the norm in

Anime Novel.exe demo – HAUNTED dating sim?!

For this article, I decided to take a break from survival horror adventure indie games. Instead, I’m going to talk about a survival horror dating

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