Goblins of Elderstone – Green Guys From Down Under

I feel like lately there is a growing number of city-building/simulation games coming out or I started noticing them more, but anyway that is not

Hello Neighbor – Get off my lawn!

We've all been there, imagined something funny going on in the house on the other side of the road, and desperate to play detective? Well,

Zombie Teacher – Back from the Dead (Developer Interview)

Hardcore Platformer is a small genre. Honestly, the only big hardcore platformer I’ve heard of is the one and only Super Meat Boy. These games

EGX: 2017 – Indie Summary

EGX: 2017 had a fantastic line up of indie titles, the Leftfield Collection showcasing a large portion of them. Not unlike Rezzed earlier this year

Love the Loathing: West of Loathing

Embark on the wild west journey of your dreams...or maybe nightmares West of Loathing is a new RPG from Asymmetric Publications, the team that brought us

Maize – A Puzzling Review

I know, Maize is not in early access, however, the game recently released on console and Finish Line Games was kind enough to give me

Let’s Review…Marz Rising

I adore Real Time Strategy games. The top-down view of the battlefield, resource management and preparing long-term strategies is kinda ‘my thing’. Even my editor

Terror Fall (Interview) – Early Look

I recently had the opportunity to interview Basic Hazard Entertainment about the upcoming game Terror Fall. A multiplayer survival horror game that is very remanences

Bloom: Prelude – A blooming experience

RPG’s aren’t really my genre, but some games seem to fit my taste. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, or that I hate them.

Darkwood – Creepin’ in the Trees

I don't know about you, but I hear the words dark and wood as a game title, and already I feel a shiver. Enter Darkwood,

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