Sky Knights – Barrel roll to victory!

Wanted to be a fighter pilot as a child? To brave the skies and risk life and limb for your mission? How about knocking some

Colossorama – Our Indie Pick of The Week

For most fighting games, you’re usually limited to just the normal brawler, fighting with punches, blocking, and a special move, games such as Street Fighter,

Neorj – It’s elementary my dear

It's not every day you can have a small dragon ally shooting fire, ice and lightning at your enemies, but this is the norm in

Anime Novel.exe demo – HAUNTED dating sim?!

For this article, I decided to take a break from survival horror adventure indie games. Instead, I’m going to talk about a survival horror dating

Hotel Majestic Demo – Impression By Christian Anderson

Imitation is the biggest form of flattery, even if you're imitating something that technically never existed because a psychotic company had rather chew off its

Inner Voices

Inner Voices Review – The Fear of Finding Yourself

Inner voices, developed by Sigma Games, demonstrates that fear often lies in absence of something rather than in the form of nightmarish monsters or ghoulish

Fable Fortune Review – A Strange New Direction

A Questionable Turning Point Fable Fortune is a turning point in the controversial Fable series and yet another entry into the collectible card game genre (CCG).

Agenda – Shadow government world control

So what exactly is Agenda? Agenda is a strategy simulation game in which through your independent agency you try to take control of the world.

UFO – Unfortunately Fortunate Organisms

Unfortunately Fortunate Orginisms was a surprisingly difficult game despite the slightly cheaty tactics I found.  For a game that, on the surface, is very simple

Rise of Industry – Micro Managing FTW

Do you cling to TTD (Transport Tycoon Deluxe) as the best industry building game that allows you to create an empire worth billions and scoff