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What we're all about

Creating a community for gamers to discuss the latest and greatest games!

Gamers are always looking for news on upcoming games. We signup for Alphas, Betas, watch streams, we want to be the first to experience the latest release. Early Access Gaming is a place to talk about what's new, what's coming out, what's hot (or not) and share our experience with each other. In the spirit of new games, we primarily report on games in development with a focus on indie games.

* Early Access Gaming is not affiliated with Steam early access or Xbox game preview program.


Meet Our Writers

David Beamer  Budding journalist from Ol' Blighty. Studied at the University of Nottingham. All-around geek and lover of gaming. Can usually find me trawling through Steam. Dislikes: decaff. [twitch-status channel="that_indy_gamer"]



Max Moeller has been a gamer for as long as he could hold a controller. He is pretty new to the industry but is planning to make his mark through writing and YouTube. When not playing or creating content around games he is probably trying to find the next great place to eat near him.



Sam Kemp is an all around geek and proud of it. From tech to games, he even majored in game design in college. He loves playing games now, but hopes to be making them in the near future.  



Phillip Prado is an avid follower of all things tech, culture, and art. He studied culture and communications throughout college and has been a writer the majority of his life. Tie that in with his life-long love for video games and here we are. "I genuinely just love being a part of something creative. Indie game journalism allows for that in a way I have not been able to find anywhere else. Not only do we, as writers, get to create, but we get to surround ourselves with something inpecably inspiring."

Find him everywhere on the web as @phillipprado.


Chris is an aspiring writer looking to make a name for himself with the eventual goal of writing and directing his own content. He has been playing video games all of his life with his favorite games of all time being Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, The Last of Us, and the Mass Effect Trilogy. Other than video games, Chris is an avid sports fan, his favorite teams being the New Orleans Saints, Detroit Red Wings, Boston Celtics, and Pittsburgh Pirates. He also enjoys anime and spends a good portion of his free time writing, thinking, and reading.

Twitter handle: @RuskinOfBeard



Meet Our Founder

Wesley Bryant is a long time gaming veteran with over 30 years of gaming experience. He is also a pop-culture and tech aficionado who loves everything geek. "I believe the future of gaming is with the Indie community. I started this website with the intention of helping the little guy, not just the Indie game developer but also my writers who have a passion for games and want to get a foot in the door."

"The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world." (Half-Life 2)