ALONE ON THE FINAL FRONTIER: A look at space survival game The Solus Project

Recently, famous scientist Stephen Hawking said we have about 1000 years left on earth, forcing the question what comes next? Well recently released space survival title The Solus Project looks to answer that question. The story goes as this; Earth has been destroyed and the only remaining survivors are on a group of ships near Pluto. Your ship is being sent to another planet that could possibly be made as humanity’s new home. Of course, something goes wrong and you are the only person who makes it. Now you have to survive not only the harsh climate dangers but also what lays beneath the surface of this new planet.

The game itself is very much alone exploration game, you are implored to play the game as you wish. You can make it a daring challenge where every day you will only barely survive or you make it an inquisitive stroll through an alien planet. The game itself has a day-night cycle along with natural weather and climate. This means your experience will truly be your experience as no two players will likely experience the same things at the same time and in the same way. Another big portion of this game is the fact that you are completely alone. Yeah, this is pretty much full The Martian here. There is no one else there to help you your only goal is the figure out a way to make a call back to your people. You will do this by exploring the detailed and secret-ridden planet. The small team at Teotl Studios is very dedicated to bringing an old school experience to a modern title by filling the game with hidden secrets and rewards.

Visually The Solus Project aims to immerse you in a beautiful but alien world. The map is made up of five islands all connected by underground caves that you will have to travel through to survive. "Why" you ask? Well, when your ship crashed it sent pieces everywhere and if you want to have any hope of surviving and contacting your species you’ll need every bit of them. Alongside them, you will stumble upon ancient ruins of previous civilizations that may be very telling for the situation at hand. These along with the planet’s unbearably hot days and below freezing cool nights make for an interesting and deeply engrossing world.

The Solus Project is an interesting take on solo survival that may have greater themes hidden beneath its surface. The prospect of being alone and the last hope for your people is beyond interesting enough. It seems that if deep space survival interests you The Solus Project might be what you’re looking for.

By Chris Ruskin

Chris Ruskin
Chris Ruskin
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