Amazing Eternals – Ironically have Transient Battles

Ever since Overwatch launched porting over the experience of playing a game like Team Fortress 2 on computers to consoles, many competitors to the first-person multiplayer games have tried to compete with it, the game including Paladins. It’s a great concept and I personally love it, though I’ve never got to actually own Overwatch, from the times I’ve played it over at a friends house, or on the free weekend I enjoyed it as much as I did playing Team Fortress 2. But we’re not here to talk about Overwatch. A newcomer has come into the field, Amazing Eternals.

A new MOBA with great potential

When I first took a look at Amazing Eternals, I caught some vibes from both Overwatch and Team Fortress 2 to no surprise. The way Digital Extremes designed this title is what caught my eye. Signing into the closed-beta you’re introduced to what the game is about, and how to play it. They go overall gameplay for the title. The gameplay is designed to be more like your usual “King of The Hill” except it’s dubbed as “Fragment Fight”.

You are put onto one of the two teams of five and are challenged to either destroy the enemies fragment or defend your fragment from being broken. The gameplay style is very unique, as you see your character is actually in a board game. Depending on what cards you have, is what weapons you have access to. And every time you move a space on the board it gives you a new card either to unlock a new “Eternal”, Card Pack, Cosmetic items, and more.

I started off with the Eternal “Winter” an assault orientated player. And let me tell you, I am complete garbage at playing an assault-type player. (I prefer to be a tank). Through the many matches that I played my team ended up having a loss, probably because I can’t play that well. And since the only way to unlock more Eternal’s would be to actually win, move a space on the board, and hope for the best. I played a couple of matches, and some were quiet, whereas some were more communicative.

Eternally in your favor

Playing as Winter you have the basic scout based character. You have an “Oathkeeper” for close-up combat. “Maridite Knife” for melee. the ability to slide making it faster to traverse the land. And a health serum (which for some reason wouldn’t work for me). While playing through the match you obtain cards to switch your weapons, some of the weapons you can use as Winter are; A “Siegerail” which to my knowledge is used for an area of effect damage. And a typhoon which is used as an assault rifle. You also have the chance to use cards that give you buffs, such as; “Bombing Run”, which leaves a trail of explosives as you run. And “Iced Ammo” which gives your opponent/target the “Chill” effect.

Looking back at the rounds that I played, I’ll say that I found it really enjoyable. I like what they were going for, and I’m a sucker for games that include retro-like designed things. This is a great game. If you’re into Overwatch, or Team Fortress 2, I definitely would recommend checking it out. I enjoyed my time playing it, and definitely would love to play more on my free time! Feel free to go check out Amazing Eternals. It’s in closed-beta as of right now, but you can gain instant access as well as some cool in-game items by purchasing a “Founders Pack” on their website to help support them!

David Strickland
Just an average gamer, aspiring to be a game journalist. Also a cat.