Are there any new games?

We have seen some big titles come out over this past year, and still a few yet to release. Everyone is so excited about what they will be playing this holiday season. But with all the new games, how many are really "new"?

If we look at this list from Wikipedia of games coming out through the end of 2016, one thing you might notice is a number associated with a large portion of the titles. If not a number then a word that identifies it as part of a series. Better still are ones that say "special edition" or "remastered".

Have game developers lost all creativity? Is it the publisher just trying to make a quick buck by reskinning an old game and calling it new?

Either way, if we gamers want the latest and greatest, why do we keep [literally] buying the same old games? I believe gamers play for the experience, to be transported to a new world and become immersed in the story and to become the heroes they play.

Granted, some sequels move our favorite stories forward and give developers an opportunity to improve gameplay from the original. In some instances, creating an even better experience than the first but, is this better than delving into a new adventure?

To emphasize my point, take a look at these two articles from Gamespot. The first article "GameStop Lowers Sales Expectations After October Games Underperform". Now, this could be caused by a number if different variables like the economy, people waiting for holiday sales, etc. but take a look at the games mentioned. The games are all follow-ups in a series.

The second article "Ubisoft Comments on Watch Dogs 2 Selling Less Than Its Predecessor" might also be an indication that gamers want something new.

Think of your favorite game and how you felt watching that opening cutscene or battle sequence when you wildly mashed buttons trying to figure out what was happening. Does a sequel give you those same feels? Those experiences are unique and if we want to continue having experiences like that, we should really stop letting developers/publishers play on our nostalgia.

Do you enjoy follow-ups to the original or had you rather play something completely new? Let us know what you think about sequels in the comments below.