ATOM RPG First look

What’s this? A game set in a post-apocalyptic world about the fallout of nuclear war that is filled with personality and color and it’s not being developed by Bethesda? Instead, ATOM RPG is an upcoming indie title by a group known as Atom Team. As of right now, they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help them see their vision come to fruition. I played the demo and I would say it’s the secret spiritual successor to Fallout. I really liked what I saw. Here’s my experience playing ATOM RPG Demo.

ATOM RPG could have gone two ways: a mostly bleak world that’s covered in 50 shades of brown or a ruined world that is somehow colorful and filled with personality. I’m happy to report it chose the ruined, but a colorful world that has personality. You start off in a small village that could be in better shape. It is poor and constantly being attacked by bandits.

When interacting with NPC’s you are given dialogue choices to help learn more about them, accept a quest, or choose how your character will interact with them. I found each character interesting because they have personality and stories to tell. Admittedly, these conversations can be quite lengthy and the addition of voice acting would really make the interactions more immersive. Also, there are only a few responses to choose from within a dialogue sequence. Usually, the conversation comes down to three main choices, are you good, neutral, or an asshole? Hopefully, we will see more options when the full game is complete.

After accepting some quests and exploring the village, I decided to head out into the wasteland where adventures await me. I left the town and was soon attacked by bees and rats. The game gave me two options. I could attack or try to run away. Not wanting to back down from a challenge; I attacked the creatures, then I was appropriately slaughtered by them. Well, that must be embarrassing! A bee and a rat killed the village’s savior. We will keep that character dead; he would just be laughed out of the village if I brought him back. This would be a good time to talk about the gameplay. Remember how I said that: “it’s the secret spiritual successor to Fallout”? Well, that’s because it plays very much like Fallout 2 and even some of the design is similar. It is a turn-based strategy game, you have limited action before it is the NPCs turn. You pick which attack you want, then it is up to chance if you do damage or not.

I started again and this time took on a few easy quests in the village and figured out that I had a starting knife in my inventory. This time more prepared for the wild; I set out ready to fight. I encounter the bees and rats. This time I was victorious and feeling proud of myself I continued moving forward. Later, a couple of bandits attacked me. I was ready to take them on, but then something went through my head. That something being a bullet. I died instantly. At that point I also realized I forgot to save progress, so looks like the village is forever doomed to deal with the bandits. I’m definitely not the hero the village deserves or needs. To tell you the truth, I am not good at turned based strategy games. So I may not be the reviewer that ATOM RPG deserves either. Me playing this game is probably a huge dis-service to ATOM RPG. Even though this game type is not my forte, it is still an enjoyable game even in its early stages. The game has personality, color, solid gameplay mechanics, more locations on the way and there is more to the demo that isn't covered here. Just playing for an hour, the game demo convinced me that it deserves support and attention to become a full-fledged game.

Be sure to check out the Kickstarter page for ATOM RPG and show your support.

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson
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