Atomic Society – An ethical dilemma

Ever wanted to build a city and a society within it in a post-apocalyptic world, something like Fallout city builder? Well, you are in luck because Atomic Society allows you to do just that and few things more. The story is set in an alternate universe somewhere after World War 2, 70-80's, where the war ended with, you guessed it, atomic warfare. Developed by a Far Road Games based in the UK, the game contains dark humor and some hard moral choices. You can choose to become a cruel, insane ruler or the opposite, or maybe even a little of both.

The game begins with picking your town leader. There is a backstory to him or her and you can also choose their name, age, and clothing. Unlike other city-building games, you control your avatar and with him, the city. Your avatar is crucial for starting the game. He or she will convert one of the buildings on the map to your storehouse and salvage resources around the map to build a few basic building and employ your citizens. Once you establish the city your avatar becomes pretty much obsolete. Afterward, the only interaction with your avatar is to speed up the building now and then, but who knows, maybe in the future, it will tell jokes to brighten the dark atmosphere of the game?

The game begins with a very extensive tutorial which makes starting the out very easy, however, managing the needs of citizens is quite the challenge. Currently, there are 5 main needs, thirst, hunger, health, accommodation and morale. In the future, we will probably see something with the temperature management on snowy maps.

The beginning is really dark, people will just die all around and you will see a lot of dead bodies, that is perfectly normal, sometimes they even go out with a smile on their face, so be sure to hurry up with crematory before you plague your population.

For the previously mentioned moral choices, at the moment you only choose what to do with criminal scum. Each of the choices has its requirements and side effects, unfortunately, the choice to encourage the crime is "Coming Soon" so I can not really see what that brings.

By the time of writing, I was unable to achieve victory. I have 200 citizens and they are not cooperating all the time. They are unable to find food or water even if the storehouse is full. In some cases it seems like when they work, they do it until they die, they don't even take a proper lunch break. Visuals are nice and the game offers a nice set of buildings, however, you will find yourself wondering why you can't place something without rotating it to one specific angle, or why is part of the building inside terrain. My main issue was with switching from overview mode to town leader mode, in some cases, the camera gets pulled quickly, sometimes through terrain, and I get motion sickness, for that reason, I advise to remember that spacebar does not pause the game but switches from one mode to another. The music really fits the ambient and adds to the experience, however, I did turn off and switched to something less dark after few hours.

Even if it is still in pre-alpha, Atomic Society has a lot to offer for its price of 14.99$ through Humble store, you will get a fair share of frustration, happiness and laughs as well as a big update every 2 months. Unfortunately, no demo is available at this time. Hopefully, we will see one in future updates so everyone can try this amazing game. Can't wait for next update and new crazy choices.

When he’s not writing reviews for EAG, you can find him tinkering with electronics, trying to make a game, or eating a chocolate cake. He tried cosplay few times but nobody gets his "creativity".