Edengrad: Reclaiming Arizona

Fight for survival in a desolate wasteland and rebuild society. Edengrad a is brand new MMO developed by Polish developer Huckleberry Games, inspired by classic post-apocalyptic stories like Fallout and Mad Max. Edengrad had been in development for a while before being picked up by an investor in early 2015. The

Kona: A Chilling Mystery

Kona is surreal jaunt through the frozen north. Kona starts off with a simple case of vandalism in the frigid reaches of northern Canada. William Hamilton, a wealthy landowner, has had a string of vandalism at his northern hunting retreat. He has no leads on who the culprit may be, so

Dive Deep into Deep Rest

Deep Rest by AZA Game Studio is an upcoming psychological horror game in the vein of games like Limbo and The Cat Lady. Like the game Limbo, Deep Rest features 2D side-scrolling platformer and puzzle mechanics with a dark and shadowy art style. The game centers around a young girl whose