Dreadnought Beta First Impressions – A Tactical Space Sim Appears

Outclass your enemy in Dreadnought Dreadnought is an upcoming tactical space arena shooter from publisher Grey Box Studios. It features class-based gameplay with customizable ships. Gameplay consists of 8 on 8 ship battles where you must use the tools provided to outsmart the enemy team. Combat is complex with multiple systems

Caveman Warriors: A Cooperative Twist On Old-School Platforming

Caveman Warriors is an upcoming cooperative 2D platformer inspired by classics such as Super Mario and Metal Slug. It consists of four characters, each with their own skills and traits.For example, Liliana has a spear that she throws to take out enemies or to climb up walls. Moe, on the other hand, can control enemies

Finding Bigfoot: Classic Survival Horror With A Few Kinks To Work Out

Horror You Have To Work For Enjoyment of survival-horror title Finding Bigfoot comes from how much effort you put into learning it. If you’re expecting a horror game that will bring the scares to you, you’ll need to look elsewhere. If you want a game you have to spend time learning the

BadPad – A Demanding Callback to Old-School Platformers

Admittedly, I went into BadPad thinking I wasn’t going to enjoy the game much. I’ve played my share of Super Meat Boy. I know my Metroid. I’m protective over old-school platformers. I don’t need another one in my life. Then the intro started.Right from the start, BadPad makes sure I

Johnny Graves: An ARPG That’s Dead On Arrival

An ARPG That Misses The Point of ARPG's Johnny Graves - The Unchosen One is an early access title by developer Stupid Stupid Games. It’s an ARPG that's a bit light on both action and role-playing.In Johnny Graves, I play as the titular character while he fights to fend off hell-demons

Super Red-Hot Hero: The Next Big 2D Platformer?

Super Meat Boy, Mega-Man, and Super Mario Brothers. Classic platformers, solid inspiration. Will Super Red-Hot Hero be next? 2D platformers are becoming ever more common nowadays. It’s almost as if we have come full-circle. Gaming took off with the genre in Super Mario Brothers. It built an iconic franchise in Mega-Man, and it