INDYGO: Prequel to the story via free e-book available on Steam

Indygo, a new atmospheric, narrative game published by Fat Dog Games is nearing it's release and now everyone gets a chance to experience it's story via free e-book available on Steam. Game will be out October 24th.Indygo is an atmospheric, narrative game with adventure and point’n’click elements, that takes on

My Time At Portia Launches Kickstarter!

MY TIME AT PORTIA, AN ENCHANTING SANDBOX SIMULATION RPG INSPIRED BY ANIMAL CROSSING, HARVEST MOON, DARK CLOUD 2 AND MIYAZAKI FILMS, LAUNCHES KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGNExpand your own workshop, explore the world, and befriend the community in a lush, post-apocalyptic Eden11th September 2017, Chongqing, China – Indie developer Pathea Games has today

Grand Theft Auto Online: What Indie Developers Can Learn From Rockstar’s Successful MMO-Lite

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Since launching in 2013, Grand Theft Auto Online has gone from charming GTA multiplayer add-on to money-making juggernaut, netting Rockstar and publisher Take-Two Interactive hundreds of millions of dollars.The underlying concept of its multiplayer is rather simple: apply the base formula of the Grand Theft Auto series (player freedom

Are there any new games?

We have seen some big titles come out over this past year, and still a few yet to release. Everyone is so excited about what they will be playing this holiday season. But with all the new games, how many are really "new"?If we look at this list from Wikipedia of

Of Kings and Men

On the 25th August this year, “Of Kings and Men” was released on Steam as an Early Access title. OKAM is developed by Donkey Crew. The team responsible for, arguably, the best mod is Mount and Blade: Warband; “cRPG”.The game is described as a 3rd person, “Persistent Medieval War” game