Bevontule – First Look

Bevontule is a game that I should love, and it has a great deal of potential, but I feel like something is missing. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but I will endeavor to enlighten you with the following ramblings. It is a Fantasy RPG, and this is a genre of game that I adore. Anything, where you are able to grind any difficulty away, is the sort of game I can, and will, spend hours in making sure I am at least, ten to thirty levels higher than I need to be. This is, of course, most common in JRPGs and if you want some recommendations of some good ones, please just let me know. But back to the game at hand, Bevontule.

It looks amazing. If someone had just shown me a screenshot of this game, I could of quite happily believe that it was finished, or at least very close to being finished. With a little more polish the graphics could easily pass for a AAA title. The animations go hand in hand with this. It really does look fantastic. Bevontule has gone for a realistic art style, which makes a change from the JRPGs that I am used to playing with their usually anime esque art style. I would say which one you prefer is down to personal preference and both have their advantages and disadvantages and both have different appeals. You can pick a side or slide between the two, it is entirely up to you. But the point is, this game looks wonderful.

Do you know what else struck me about Bevontule? The music. I know I spend a lot of time not noticing the music in other games but this game, this game has some truly fantastic music. It reminded me a lot of the epic sound tracks that RPG are known for. From Skyrim’s soaring heights through to Final Fantasy hectic battle theme, Bevontule lives up to these sound tracks. I hope that this music is kept through to completion or at the very least the same style of music. I found myself wanting to enter battles just to listen to the music a little more as opposed to just grinding my levels up. This is another aspect of the game, that if you played me the music, I would have thought that is was finished and a major title.

This, rather, unfortunately, is where my compliments for the game have to end. Although it should be pointed out that this game is still in pre-alpha so I would have thought that most of the criticisms that I am going to level at it will be resolved before it is released.

At the moment, you cannot really experience a lot of the game. The basic combat is there, but the menu for controlling your characters is rather clunky at the moment, and the plain text menu looks very much out of place when compared to the rest of the game. You can see where it is going though, and it seems with a fair amount of refinement, that the current system could work very well. The battles take place in their own fantasy realm in classic JRPG style which means that the battle systems can change the controls to suit the battle environment, as the way you may want to act in battle will be different to wandering around and exploring the world.

The main menu where you level up your characters is, again, not as easy to use as you might hope. Aside from the fact that there are just place holders for a lot of the content, the menu looks armature compared to the rest of the game. I’m sure that this will be changed for the final release but I have to go on what is there. It appears that there is going to be a progression tree of some kind to advance and customize the Characters.

To end on a positive note, the Characters all play differently and have the making of a great team. They also appear to have unique voices and I think that you could grow to really enjoy exploring this world with them. As I said at the moment there is a lot still to be added to the game. But I can see it being a fantastic game when it is finished. So, keep your eye on this one. The demo is available here, and I would recommend exploring the rest of their website to see what they have planned.

Alistair Davey
Alistair Davey
Graduated with an MA from Lincoln University in Play Writing and Script Development (2015). Currently working as a Technical Support Engineer and Local System Administrator. Now, the fun stuff. I have always enjoyed gaming, particularly something with a good story line or an RTS. My favorite games; Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance and The Stanley Parable.