Bloom: Prelude – A blooming experience

RPG’s aren’t really my genre, but some games seem to fit my taste. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, or that I hate them. It’s just not something I would see myself personally, enjoying. As much as I’ve said to many people before of how I’d love to get into the RPG genre. I don’t really get very far and decide to drop out every now and then. But again, there are still some really good RPG’s out there. Bloom: Prelude to say the least is interesting.

The Prelude Begins

Bloom: Prelude is a 2D Action Adventure/RPG being developed by Studio Fawn. This game serves as a prequel to their core game Bloom: Memories. Hopping in I knew somewhat of what I was getting myself into, but at the same time very confused about it. It starts you off as if you were playing a sort of click adventure game. This defines the personality traits your character will obtain, as well as skills that help you throughout the game. You get an introduction to some of the characters and they tell you about the world they live in. After that, you’re ready to go.

I won’t go too in-depth about the story or what was going on to the game because I’ll be honest. I got confused and very lost. You start off outside of your village, walking towards who seems to be your brother. He warns you to stay in the village but decides to let you go due to ambitions and your dad giving you a hard time. Moving on to the next room, gives you a few on-screen instructions (Wished they would’ve added these on-screen instructions within a menu).

As you try to get a grip on the controls, and walkout to the next area of the forest, returning to the room if you get confused on how to do something, you won’t find much help there as the on-screen controls are gone. I tried toying around with the controls before getting used to them only to find out they became more difficult to manage. Highly would advise using a controller rather than a keyboard. On your journey, you come across an old woman who teaches you about the monsters in the forest. After that is where I got lost.

Getting Lost

I walked around for about fifteen minutes. Not finding much of what the next objective was supposed to be. I tried to go back to the room I saw the woman, and she was gone. I tried examining monsters, which I guess did something as it added them to a journal in your menu. But other than that, I had no clue what else to do. I read that this game was at heart a discovery game which nothing is wrong with that, I enjoyed this game very much. But I became very lost, and almost bored when I couldn’t really find out what to do next. It's possible that I wasn’t paying much attention, but I don’t remember the old woman telling me to go do something after I interacted with her.

Now if I were to be completely honest with you, again this is from my own experience using a keyboard, my controller wasn’t around me at the time. Playing this game with a keyboard was the most hectic thing I could’ve ever done. I’d figure something out about controlling the character, then a button wouldn’t do what it did before, and I would again become confused. So gameplay wise this game would probably work a lot better if you stuck to a controller.

Interesting Title Nonetheless!

The music fits well with this game and really gives off a nature-like vibe to it. Walking around in the forest with calming music, almost made me feel like I was actually in that forest. And the graphics were interesting. It’s like a realistic/3D-modeled graphic style, and I find it a very interesting twist on graphics. You won’t find many games with a similar style which is what I think makes Bloom: Prelude stand out from most of the other games, alongside with how to play the game as well.

Bloom: Prelude gave me an interesting experience, even though I became confused and found myself getting lost every five minutes in the forest, I will say that it was somewhat enjoyable to me. Though I don't find myself playing this game again after my experience. I encourage you to try it out yourself! If you’d like to take a look at Bloom: Prelude you can find the download for it here!

David Strickland
Just an average gamer, aspiring to be a game journalist. Also a cat.