Building a Legacy: Colina: Legacy

Colina: Legacy serves up a platter of everything die hard horror fans crave.

In an age where zombies have dominated the horror genre, Colina is chock full of wonderful, eerie, horror classics. Samurai games, a small team out of Brazil, originally planned a February release date. In January, Samurai games teamed up with Chance6, a studio out of California, established to help improve, market, and publish indie games. The release date has been pushed back to December to give them, and their new friends at Chance6, time to bring us the most complete and polished version of the game possible. The release will support full English audio.

Colina: Legacy's rooms
Explore Grandma's House

In Colina: Legacy you'll take control of Alex, who wakes up, alone in his parent's car, staring up at the imposing old house at the top of the hill. His parents are nowhere to be found and he has nowhere to go, but up to the house. The house itself was once the house of his grandmother. Alex loves his grandmother, but there are nods to some kind of falling out between his parents and his grandmother. While in the house, Alex can't help shake an uneasy feeling. There is something more going on in the seemingly empty house. As you explore the house you'll find notes and letters written by your grandmother. Grandma was afraid of something in the house, some mysterious entity controlling events. This entity isn't just going to let you move about the house as you please. You'll have to contend with human-sized, wooden modeling figures. Eerie, faceless things that shamble menacingly throughout the house. Can you locate your parents, solve the mystery of what happened to your grandmother, and maintain your own sanity at the same time?

Colina: Legacy's baddies
Best be careful with these

Colina: Legacy has the foundation to be a great horror game, but it doesn't stop there. Colina has you taking on challenging puzzles. The core of Colina's gameplay comes from Alex's flashlight. You'll find different filters that correspond to different runes left around the house. Runes will block doors and containers. Gaining access to another rune is a thrill, it opens new areas and containers full of secrets. Your flashlight is also how you defend yourself. The runes that block your paths are also found on the enemies you'll encounter. While avoiding an untimely demise, you'll have to select the correct rune to stop an approaching enemy in their tracks. This addition makes for a tense combat experience. A lot of the horror games lately have fallen short for me in the combat department. Too many horror games that rely on guns and bullet management go from scary to tedious when it comes to combat. When trying to take down enemies without using all of your ammo. Your flashlight can run out of battery, but you can find rechargeable batteries around the house. This is also a very thoughtful addition. Once you find the charger, all you have to do is find an outlet and you can recharge your batteries.

Colina: Leagcy's flashlight
Some runes may reveal what you don't want to see

I'm usually more about watching others play horror games, than actually playing them myself. But a mysterious entity in a spooky house on the hill, sign me up. Anyone who has read my articles before knows that I love old school. Colina: Legacy builds upon horror's roots with challenging puzzles to solve and interesting new mechanics. If you can't wait till the end of the year to get your hands on Colina, you can download the demo here. Any horror fan should look to add Colina: Legacy to their game library.

Sam Kemp
Sam Kemp
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