EGX: 2017 – Indie Summary

EGX: 2017 had a fantastic line up of indie titles, the Leftfield Collection showcasing a large portion of them. Not unlike Rezzed earlier this year I only managed to fit in one day, it was, however, the Thursday which allowed me to chat to a good portion of the devs

EGX: REZZED 2017 – Indie Summary.

Being fortunate enough to be able to attend EGX: Rezzed last week, I managed to mix it up and chat with the majority of the indie dev studios that exhibited at the Tobacco Dock location in East London. Being that this particular event focuses a lot more on game development

Learning How to Make a Superhero Game in VR

Hello Everyone,My name is Dudley and I work at Red Meat Games. We've been working on a superhero, open-world, action-RPG called First Impact: Rise of a Hero. We launched our website for the game back in September and now have finally started our developer blog. We're hoping to excite players and