Robonauts: Straight Shooting Fun

Robonauts is a game that shows perseverance. The game developers themselves have shown this, along with dedication and tenacity, in attempting to release the game. Initially launching a Kickstarter campaign in late 2016 which was cancelled whilst being partially funded. However, the game has continued in development undeterred. You, the player, also need perseverance

Gemstone Keeper: ASCII-ng For Trouble

Gemstone Keeper has brought back some very early memories for me. My very first gaming console was an Atari 2600 when I was very young. We didn’t have it for long; my parents weren’t impressed and it was swiftly swapped for a Sega Master System. However, the memories of 6-year-old

Forged Adventure Preview: Turn Based Island Tyranny

Into The Forge... Studio; Artees' in-development title Forged Adventure feels, out of the gate, very much 'fuss-free'. No matter what the genre, being able to jump into the gameplay of a title without feeling like you've been tasked with an elongated period of busy work is nearly always a welcomed aspect. The

Stardrop: Isolation without the Alien

Captain’s Log, Stardate 43125.8. First contact with the game known as Stardrop encountered. Hailing frequencies open. Alright, I’ll stop with my Patrick Stewart impersonation now, and yes, in the greater debate, Picard beats Kirk. But that’s for another time. For anyone that grew up watching Star Trek, when you first

Oxygen Not Included: Molded from Klei

Oxygen Not Included seems to have taken what has quickly become one of my favorite genres of PC gaming, colony management, and fused it with one of my biggest nightmares: being buried alive. Colony management games are all about survival, pitting you against the elements as you scrabble around in