Hello Neighbor – Get off my lawn!

We've all been there, imagined something funny going on in the house on the other side of the road, and desperate to play detective? Well, that is certainly the role you will play in Hello Neighbour, a stealth horror game about sneaking into the dilapidated house across the street, and

Zombie Teacher – Back from the Dead (Developer Interview)

Hardcore Platformer is a small genre. Honestly, the only big hardcore platformer I’ve heard of is the one and only Super Meat Boy. These games are pretty cool, and fun to watch others play. I personally don't like this genre, But I think I can surely say that I had

EGX: 2017 – Indie Summary

EGX: 2017 had a fantastic line up of indie titles, the Leftfield Collection showcasing a large portion of them. Not unlike Rezzed earlier this year I only managed to fit in one day, it was, however, the Thursday which allowed me to chat to a good portion of the devs

Terror Fall (Interview) – Early Look

I recently had the opportunity to interview Basic Hazard Entertainment about the upcoming game Terror Fall. A multiplayer survival horror game that is very remanences of the 80’s slasher flicks. The game is still in very early development.Interview  Standing out from the Crowd In recent years, more multiplayer survival horror games have

Bloom: Prelude – A blooming experience

RPG’s aren’t really my genre, but some games seem to fit my taste. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, or that I hate them. It’s just not something I would see myself personally, enjoying. As much as I’ve said to many people before of how I’d love to get

Amazing Eternals – Ironically have Transient Battles

Ever since Overwatch launched porting over the experience of playing a game like Team Fortress 2 on computers to consoles, many competitors to the first-person multiplayer games have tried to compete with it, the game including Paladins. It’s a great concept and I personally love it, though I’ve never got

An insightful look at Sightless (with developer interview)

I admire games that revolve around having multiple endings. It really makes you want to explore the game more and gives the game more replayability. Games such as; Undertale, Prey, Life is Strange, etc. give the sense that you’re in control of what happens. And that’s what makes me love these

Never Again (Literally.) – First Impressions

Horror games… Don’t you just love them? From a previous article, I did about Rail Theory (which you should go check out) you can tell that I just absolutely ADORE horror games! You can see the sarcasm right through me, can’t you? Scary isn’t it? A Horror Game of Course Never Again