Amazing Eternals – Ironically have Transient Battles

Ever since Overwatch launched porting over the experience of playing a game like Team Fortress 2 on computers to consoles, many competitors to the first-person multiplayer games have tried to compete with it, the game including Paladins. It’s a great concept and I personally love it, though I’ve never got

An insightful look at Sightless (with developer interview)

I admire games that revolve around having multiple endings. It really makes you want to explore the game more and gives the game more replayability. Games such as; Undertale, Prey, Life is Strange, etc. give the sense that you’re in control of what happens. And that’s what makes me love these

Never Again (Literally.) – First Impressions

Horror games… Don’t you just love them? From a previous article, I did about Rail Theory (which you should go check out) you can tell that I just absolutely ADORE horror games! You can see the sarcasm right through me, can’t you? Scary isn’t it? A Horror Game of Course Never Again

Dreadnought Beta First Impressions – A Tactical Space Sim Appears

Outclass your enemy in Dreadnought Dreadnought is an upcoming tactical space arena shooter from publisher Grey Box Studios. It features class-based gameplay with customizable ships. Gameplay consists of 8 on 8 ship battles where you must use the tools provided to outsmart the enemy team. Combat is complex with multiple systems

Shark Dating Sim XL – Sun, Sea, and Seduction

Ever wanted to date a flirtatious shark girl? No? Then maybe you should bump it up your list, and nab Shark Dating Simulator XL, a click through visual novel with fish gags galore from the comedic mind of Conan McPhee. It's short and sweet, well maybe sweet is the wrong

Heart Papers Border – Life as a Utopian Blogger

Real-Time Strategy games are fun, I’ve always enjoyed them. Especially the Civilization series from Sid Meyers. I’ve always found it thrilling and exciting to see how well you can outsmart an artificial intelligence. But what if I told you there was a game dubbed as the first “Optimistic Strategy Game”? World

Witch Thief – Lets Review

It’s the Witching hour!In September 1981, an arcade game was released called ‘Galaga’. It was a vertical space shooter, where you and your spaceship could move up, down, left & right, dodging a multitude of laser blasts whilst shooting back at the alien scum. It is a classic example of

Adventure Craft – Our Indie Pick of The Week

Everyone loves a good sandbox game, really successful sandbox games such as Minecraft, Terraria, and Starbound have the key elements of creativity mixed with surviving and upgrading your tools, base, and armor. Fighting tough bosses and making it to the end game, showing off your worlds, and telling all your