Hello Neighbor – Get off my lawn!

We've all been there, imagined something funny going on in the house on the other side of the road, and desperate to play detective? Well, that is certainly the role you will play in Hello Neighbour, a stealth horror game about sneaking into the dilapidated house across the street, and

EGX: 2017 – Indie Summary

EGX: 2017 had a fantastic line up of indie titles, the Leftfield Collection showcasing a large portion of them. Not unlike Rezzed earlier this year I only managed to fit in one day, it was, however, the Thursday which allowed me to chat to a good portion of the devs

Amazing Eternals – Ironically have Transient Battles

Ever since Overwatch launched porting over the experience of playing a game like Team Fortress 2 on computers to consoles, many competitors to the first-person multiplayer games have tried to compete with it, the game including Paladins. It’s a great concept and I personally love it, though I’ve never got

Einar – And you have my Axe!

So what do you do if you find yourself alone in a fishing village, with no-one but infected fiery demons of all shapes and sizes to keep you company? Raise your axe and pummel the tar from them that's what, in Einar, a 3rd person hack and slash adventure based

A Room Beyond, And a Room Beyond That…

“Be not afraid of great games. Some games are great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” As the great William Shakespeare once wrote. A Room Beyond is certainly one of these games.  And just as a quick warning before we get into it; this review will

Caveman Warriors: A Cooperative Twist On Old-School Platforming

Caveman Warriors is an upcoming cooperative 2D platformer inspired by classics such as Super Mario and Metal Slug. It consists of four characters, each with their own skills and traits.For example, Liliana has a spear that she throws to take out enemies or to climb up walls. Moe, on the other hand, can control enemies

EGX: REZZED 2017 – Indie Summary.

Being fortunate enough to be able to attend EGX: Rezzed last week, I managed to mix it up and chat with the majority of the indie dev studios that exhibited at the Tobacco Dock location in East London. Being that this particular event focuses a lot more on game development

Finding Bigfoot: Classic Survival Horror With A Few Kinks To Work Out

Horror You Have To Work For Enjoyment of survival-horror title Finding Bigfoot comes from how much effort you put into learning it. If you’re expecting a horror game that will bring the scares to you, you’ll need to look elsewhere. If you want a game you have to spend time learning the

Stardrop: Isolation without the Alien

Captain’s Log, Stardate 43125.8. First contact with the game known as Stardrop encountered. Hailing frequencies open. Alright, I’ll stop with my Patrick Stewart impersonation now, and yes, in the greater debate, Picard beats Kirk. But that’s for another time. For anyone that grew up watching Star Trek, when you first