Caveman Warriors: A Cooperative Twist On Old-School Platforming

Caveman Warriors is an upcoming cooperative 2D platformer inspired by classics such as Super Mario and Metal Slug. It consists of four characters, each with their own skills and traits.

For example, Liliana has a spear that she throws to take out enemies or to climb up walls. Moe, on the other hand, can control enemies with his magic powers. Each of the four has their own distinct personality that shines through the well-crafted animations.

Playing cooperatively requires you and your friends to pick their own character and stick with it, but playing solo will let you switch between them at will. The move set is simple enough - each character has a super jump, a throw, and a special skill. Caveman Warriors requires you to learn how each one works if you want to succeed.

Enemies vary from close-up melee to ax throwers reminiscent of the Hammer Bro, and they are tough. Not in that they have a lot of health - they all die in one hit - but due to their placement. I'll charge a few melee cavemen and suddenly an ax hits me out of nowhere. Into the water, I go, and my once full health bar is now a hit away from empty.

Rushing through levels will not work here. After losing all my lives for the fourth time, I took a step back and made sure to take it slow on my next attempt. Both my health bar and my sanity benefitted greatly from doing so. Like the platformers of yore, Caveman Warriors is tough, but not impossible. Planning out attacks is key to success. And then the boss fight comes, and all that goes out the window.

Bosses in Caveman Warriors require quick reflexes and on-the-spot thinking. Their moves each have a tell, giving you about a second to react before taking severe damage. There is no way to recover health during these fights, so it's important to learn the patterns and overcome them. My first boss fight took me five or six tries to get down, and even then I barely got out alive.

Old-school platformers are infamous for their difficulty, and Caveman Warriors has that in spades. The influences are clear and executed well. Everything from the over-the-top art style to the littlest animation harkens back to that era. A lot of love went into developing this game, and the full product is going to be one hell of a beast.

Caveman Warriors is coming later this year. You can download the Demo at The Steam page is here.

Max Moeller
Max Moeller
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