Collision Course: Dinos Rule

Collision Course, a game by Crynosaurs is proof that dinosaurs rule.

The game, currently in Steam early access, puts you in the shoes of a traveler stranded 70 million years in the past. The world is populated by hostile humans, robots, and of course lots of dinosaurs. I may have also failed to mention that a comet is on its way to Earth and if you don't find a way back to your own time, the dinosaurs won't be the only ones going extinct. Luckily for you, the aforementioned hostile humans brought gear and weapons for you to pilfer. You'll need to use sticks, stones, and guns if you want to survive against the past's most powerful predators. Along with all the tools, you will need to survive, you will also find the debris need to assemble a way back home. You'll find many local items, plants, and dinosaur eggs that can be consumed to regain health. You'll also find psychedelic mushrooms (consume at your own risk). The game will also have vehicles and a myriad of other features, including a multiplayer mode. Collision Course is still in very early development, so there is plenty of room to grow.

Larger than life
Tyrannosaurus roam looking for their next meal

Visually, Collision Course looks fantastic. Even on lower end PCs, the game runs amazingly well. The textures are crisp a vibrant, the water effects look great, and the animations are phenomenal. When running through the environment, the foliage gives way with a satisfying rustle instead of just phasing through the player. The slide of the pistol springs back and forth with believable force whenever you pull the trigger. The dinosaurs move around in a believable manner. I found myself chasing down a raptor for a good long while, always just a stone's throw behind. By the time I finally caught up to it, I got a good look at how great the textures for the dinos were, sadly that lasted mere seconds before I was chomped to bits. The game features a generous day-night cycle, with various weathers to contend with. The T-rex is truly frightening when fighting one, I inevitably ended up in its jaws.

Water effects look wonderful

The current version of Collision Course available on steam has a large part of an even larger map available to explore. There are various caves to explore and loot and simple survival mechanics. Along with the various weathers, you'll encounter, there are also hazards such as earthquakes and volcanic ash to avoid. There is a long list of features planned for the future. There are plans to add an objective system to expand on the story elements of the game. The final version of the game will have an expanded inventory of weapons and items, as well as a crafting system. The map area will be increased to add more diverse landscapes and fauna. The most exciting addition is, of course, more dinosaurs. AI is a big focus of the game. The interactions not only between the character and the creatures but between the predator and prey and the hostile humans who find themselves face to face with a T-rex. Improving the AI is a continuing process throughout development, so expect the dinos to be smarter and deadly come the final release. You can buy the game in early access on steam or is you just want a taste of what the game is like, you can download the tech demo here. The game is basically a conglomeration of everything people love in a game; dinosaurs, an open world, gunplay, survival, you name it. So give the game a try and get in on the ground floor in development.

By Sam Kemp

Sam Kemp
Sam Kemp
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