A Day in the Woods – Let’s Review!

Goodness, what big teeth you have, Grandma!!!

You know the story of Red Riding Hood, don’t you? The Little girl in fetching crimson hat takes some groceries to her Granny and almost gets eaten by a wolf? Sound familiar? Well ‘A Day in The Woods’ takes the popular fairy tale and adds bears, berries, spiders, flowers and SIXTY levels worth of puzzles’.

The game itself uses the simple sliding block puzzle premise with you controlling a sprite on a table top game, trying to guide our heroine through the forest to each house/cottage/shed in the woods until you find dear old granny. Along the way, you need to collect flowers and berries, whilst moving bears and other nasties out of Little Reds way, in order to get the maximum 3 stars for completing a level. Simple right?

Well yes actually. The game and the controls are extremely easy to pick up and the different rules are added in a very structured and sign posted way, literally.

The graphics are extremely well thought out and developed with everything looking like it has been hand carved, giving an authentic old world feel in keeping with the table top game motif. Add to this the highly addictive gameplay where I spent upwards of ten minutes trying to trim one step off my route to get myself the third star and you have the makings of an awesome game.

My only two criticisms would be the lack of music during gameplay after being spoiled with the chirpy/upbeat menu score and the uneven difficulty progression. I kept running into seemingly impossible obstacles after getting through two or three levels without much trouble. It is off putting and can leave the player feeling frustrated.

However, these are not game-breaking issues and I can see myself losing many afternoons to this little gem of a game.

If you would like to play A Day In The Woods yourself you can pick it up here.

Chris Zone
Chris Zone
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