EAG December 12 – 18 News Highlight

With Christmas at hand, the gaming industry shows no sign of slowing down. We saw new DLC this week, MORE Nintendo Switch news, Xbox deals as usual, and other holiday surprises that are sure to make you smile. This is what we found noteworthy this last week at EAG.

Console News

Nintendo announces official date and time for it's Nintendo Switch Reveal. The time is 8 pm pacific time on January 12. The announcement will be a live presentation and we have no idea what will officially be announced or how long the presentation will be.

I have to admit, keeping up with all of these Xbox deals is quite the task. For a limited time, new Xbox One purchases get $50 off, like every other sale, BUT this one gives you a $30 gift card as well. What do you think of all of these Xbox One sales? Are they overdoing it? Is it fair to those who bought an Xbox on sale just days before they released an even better sale? Let us know what you think.

Xbox One and Windows 10 are to bring Dolby Atmos sound technology to their gameplay! I am pumped about this one!

Crowd Source News

Line Renegade (Kickstarter)

Line Renegade is a third person shooter comparable to the likes of games such as Team Fortress. Unlike other various third person shooters, Line Renegade incorporates various MMORPG elements into the game play as well. The game's storyline is set in post-WWII when two brothers, Edward and Roland, set out to rebuild their home of Heimstadt after it was left damaged and destroyed. After a fight breaks out over who should be in charge of the town, Edward over throughs Roland and Roland is forced to leave. He then travels to the town of Granndorf where he assembles an army to attempt to retake Heimstabt from Edward and his supporters. This is what sets up the two factions the player is to choose from, one supporting Edward and one supporting Roland. It's a welcome twist in the overarching competitive shooter genre. In both factions, there are four classes to choose from that will determine the players strategy: The Spotter, The Tank, The Sniper, and The Thief. Each character is completely customizable, allowing the player to choose different outfits, guns, and even taunts. Because of this game dynamic, each player has an account that can hold various different characters so you can experience all classes from both factions. The developers have high hopes of Line Renegade entering the competitive gaming scene, which is a great reason for any esports fan to want to support this campaign. The competitive gaming market is vast but comes nowhere close to the size of most professional sports. So if you are a fan of the MMORPG genre, third person shooters, stylized graphics, quirky gameplay, highly competitive strategy games, or are just looking to try to push the esports community, then you should give Line Renegade a look. With just under 30 days left in their campaign, they have 50% of their project funded. So head over to the campaign page and let us know what you think.

One Year of Apocalypse (Indiegogo)

This game is different than any other crowdsource game we have featured here at EAG. One Year of Apocalypse (OYOA) is described as a visual novel on the campaign page. The gameplay is simple yet strategic. As the player, you are one of four survivors after your country fell apart due to civil war and illness. The game forces the player to make decisions and assign various skills over a fifty-two week times span in order to survive. The player will be faced with various challenges, enemies, and plot twists. I can't help but draw parallels between OYOA and the older Oregon Trail games. The main difference I see is the emphasis on story development in OYOA. As previously mentioned, this game plays as a visual novel. That is quite different from the instant gratification of other shooter, puzzle, adventure, etc. games that we are used to. So is this game for everyone? Probably not. But if you are someone who loves stories or the idea of a "choose your own adventure" type game interests you, then maybe OYOA is for you. The OYOA team is based in the Czech Republic and is very small. Their goal is a humble $10,000, but as of writing this article they have very little support with around two months left in the campaign. What do you think about this game? Would it interest you, or do you think these types of game are outdated and boring? Let us know in the comments. As for me, I would love this game. It's unique, it looks fun, and it's something different. Why wouldn't I like it?

Game Release/Updates

Final Fantasy XV will get it's first DLC this month! Stay tuned for more details.

Bully:Scholarship Edition is officially playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility!

You can now preorder the Banjoo-Kazooie successor, Yooka-Laylee, for Xbox One.

Xbox brings the game Pit People to the Preview Program this January.

Other News

Bill Gates participated in this year's Reddit Secret Santa, and he gave away a gamers dream gift. What a wonderful world we live in.

Did we miss anything? Got anything to add to what we said? Let us know in the comments below, or better yet, write an article for yourself over on our homepage. We would love to hear from you all, and we value your opinions and insights. Thanks for reading this week's news highlights and stay tuned for future news and updates.

By Phillip Prado

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