EAG Nov 7 – 13 News Highlight

This week we find out more news surrounding the Nintendo Switch, Minecraft gets an update, and there is a new kid on the block in the wrestling gamer community. Here are just a few of the noteworthy news highlights we saw this week.

Console News

Xbox gets new holiday update including updates to clubs, groups, new achievement rarity notifications, group messaging, and much more. For an in-depth look at the new update, head over to the Xbox site for the full story.

Xbox Insider Program launched, previously referred to as Xbox Preview Program. This is a major update to the program and includes much-anticipated user involvement in future Xbox content. Not only is the program revamped, but soon it will be open to the public. At EAG we encourage you to follow the Insider Program yourself and to contribute to the gaming community.

With the much-anticipated release of the Switch, Nintendo announces that they are ceasing production of the Wii U console. It's been a good run Wii U, you will be missed.

Crowd Source News

Return To Earth (Kickstarter)
Return to Earth is an indie game project created by Ritual Games. The game is developed out of London and came to Kickstarter just a couple of days ago. The game features 16-bit design and 2D platformer gameplay reminiscent of the old Metroid games.

The plot follows a scientist from the future who returns to Earth after he embarks on a research trip to Saturn. When he returns Earth is not as he left it. Your mission is to explore earth and find out why your home planet has fallen.

The gameplay looks fast paced and the design is beautiful. There is almost a month to support the campaign, but don't let that stop you from getting over there to help support the campaign as soon as possible.

Ritual Games supplies a free download, which is in Alpha, for potential supporters to try out.

CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling (Indiegogo)
If you ever played some of the old gen wrestling games back in the old days, than CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling (CAAW) will look very similar. CAAW uses the power of Unreal Engine 4 to bring you the wrestling style from games like "Wrestlefest" and "Saturday night Slam Masters."

CAAW takes the wrestling genre to a different level than most wrestling games. Just as some football fans enjoy games like NFL Blitz as well as the Madden series, the wrestling fans long for something a little more over the top. With games like the WWE 2K series, some fans of the sport are left wanting something a little more...fun. That's where CAAW comes in with it's all in, over-the-top action arcade gameplay. The gameplay looks buttery smooth, the animations look exciting, and the way the camera follows the contestants will leave the player at the edge of their seat.

CAAW does a good job at capturing the 16-bit feel of older beloved titles while utilizing modern tools to give the genre of games a needed refresh. Head over to Indiegogo to give the game a look for yourself.

Game Releases/Announcements

Minecraft gets a new 1.0 update adding a third dimension to the game. This update will be multi-platform and contains continuous access to The End. In the past, you only had access to The End to defeat the Ender Dragon. This update allows you to explore dimensions and the End Cities and outer islands surrounding it. The update also includes a new block height of 256, compared to the previous 128, allowing players to build structures up to twice as tall!

News surround Pokemon Sun and Moon has been released, including the starters and their z moves!

Other News

Nvidia reveals that they are the company powering the new Nintendo Switch. Many saw this coming, so this comes as no surprise to us.

As is every week, we may have missed something, so let us know your thoughts on the gaming industry this last week. Comment below or feel free to write an article for yourself, and let's continue this discussion. Check back in next week for your regular fix of gaming news at Early Access Gaming.

by Phillip Prado

Phillip Prado
Phillip Prado is an avid follower of all things tech, culture, and art. He studied culture and communications throughout college and has been a writer the majority of his life. Tie that in with his lifelong love for video games and here we are. "I genuinely just love being a part of something creative. Indie game journalism allows for that in a way I have not been able to find anywhere else. Not only do we, as writers, get to create, but we get to surround ourselves with something inpecably inspiring."