EAG Oct 24 – 30 News Highlight

by Phillip Prado

This was quite an eventful week surrounding the gaming community. From Halloween specials to crowdfunding campaigns, there was a lot to chew on. But don’t worry, we have gathered some of the latest gaming news and updates in one unified location so you can stay up to date and in the know. So let’s dive right into it.

Xbox news
Microsoft has been busy recently creating great tools and games for the Xbox community. Here are some of the highlights this week we feel are noteworthy.

On October 26th. Microsoft a Windows 10 creator update that brings many additions to the platform. One of which includes easier streaming and streamlined tournament play for Xbox One users through Xbox Live. Read more here.

Xbox Releases new games this week. The hype is real with this list, which includes Titanfall 2, the new update to Skyrim, and Minecraft: Story mode. Follow link for full list of games.

Lastly, Xbox announces three new Xbox One S bundles for the holiday season. There are four different options with different games bundled in the package: Gears of War 4, Battlefield 1, Fifa 17, and Minecraft. None of the options are Indie games, but at least there is something for everyone , so if you are looking to take advantage of that 4k TV you have then this is a bundle you need to keep your eye on. Pricing starts at $299 and up to $449 for various option and configurations. For pricing and availability go to xbox.com, microsoftstore.com, of head over to your local gaming retailer to see if the have any of these bundles in store.

There are many indie titles looking for crowd funding to get their feet off the crowd. These are just a couple we think deserve some attention.

Savior: (Indiegogo)
Savior is a 2D platformer being created by a Cuban indie developer that features hand drawn animations. It boasts a style that draws inspiration from some unnamed early 90s 16-bit titles. It is a unique game with an incredibly interesting story line. We can't wait to get our hands on the title. With about a month left of the campaign the project has over 80% funding, so we expect it will succeed. Stay tuned for the follow-up.

Lost Ember: (Kickstarter)
Talk about exciting. There are very few games that come up on Kickstarter that I want to get my hands on as much as I want this one. Lost Ember is a conceptual exploration game played from the perspective of a wolf. In short, the game revolves around the wolf’s goal of finding the lost city of Machu Kila which holds the answers to all of the character’s questions. He tries to accomplish this with his unique abilities to control any other animal he comes in contact with, allowing the player to then control parrots, moles, eagles, etc. There are also many other possible stretch goal animals in development depending on how much revenue the campaign generates. Though there are many other aspects to this game that seem quite confusing at first, they pose an infinite array of possibilities in gameplay: a mysterious companion that joins you on your journey, the confusion surrounding the origin of the city, the ambiguity of what the gameplay will be like, etc. All-in-all, the potential for the game warrants your attention, and I believe the outcome will be something worth finding a home in your game personal game collection.

Other Game News/Deals:
There is always something going on in the various gaming communities. From indie game news to timely game specials and events, here are what we think are some of the most relevant updates this week.

A Night in the Woods finally announces a release date: January 10, 2017.

Skyrim Remastered was released this week for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

In the vein of the Halloween season Ark: Survival Evolved releases Fear Evolved 2 Event on October 28th, and will be available through November 6th. This event includes new dinosaurs, new skins, leaves are now orange and brown, the weather is colder, bats and spiders spawn above ground, and much more.

If you think we left something out let us know in the comments below, or even write an article for yourself on our website, and let’s keep this conversation going.

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