EAG Oct. 31 – 6 News Highlight

The last couple weeks have been crazy in the gaming industry. Naturally, that much hype can’t stay constant, and this week we saw a decline in the amount of noteworthy things going on, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t things worth mentioning. Here are a few things we saw that we think you should see.

Console news

Staring Nov. 4th, Xbox has a deal on Xbox One S consoles. If you purchase one of the Xbox One S bundles, you are able to get ANOTHER game for free. Pricing starts at $299 so, essentially, that means you would pretty much get two new games for free with your purchase of an Xbox. The sale ends Nov. 12th so head to your local gaming retailer for bundle details.

Nintendo announces Black Friday deal for Limited Edition 3DS for only $99. More details coming soon.

Featured Crowdsourcing Campaigns this week

SUPER SAMURAI (Kickstarter)
SUPER SAMURAI is a remake of the classic retro platformer game First Samurai released in 1991. Contrary to Fist Samurai, the remake will feature 3D rich graphics and completely redesigned gameplay. The new graphics and art style pay tribute to the original game so that anyone who is familiar with the 1991 release will be able to tell that this is an evolved version of the same game. The story line continues on and the character development will proceed from where the player left off 25 years ago. As of the time this article was written the game has a long way to go before the campaign meets its goal, but with 27 days left my hopes are high. Head over to the Kickstarter Campaign page for more details.

Project: Gorgon (Indiegogo)
Project: Gorgon is a PC MMO developed by husband and wife Eric Heimburg and Sandra Powers. Unlike many other MMO games on the market, Project: Gorgon pursue more of an open world/sandbox style game allowing for more freedom and creativity from the players. The developers have already had a Kickstarter campaign a while ago and are continuing to develop the game in hopes of expanding the community to an even larger fan base of people who wish to support the project. The campaign page contains many pictures and rendered landscapes of the game so backers can have a good idea of what the end game may look and feel like, but as many of us know, much of the gameplay and design can still change by the time the game releases. As of now, the game looks promising and here at EAG we predict the campaign will be successful. If you are interested in the nitty-gritty details of the game, head over to the Indiegogo page and give it a look for yourself.

Game News/Deals

The Early Access Games section on Steam is full of great Indie Gaming deals. Fortex Jugo is on sale for 20% off, Dinosaur Forest is 40% off, and Repulsanoid is also 40%. The deals seem endless and you owe it to yourself, and your wallet, to check out these deals while they last.

Zero G Arena has newly released updates via Steam on Nov. 3. The game has over 300 reviews, and the feedback at this time is “Very Positive” so if you haven’t given it a go yet you should. The game is under $3 and promises loads of laughs and fun for you and your friends.

The Humble GEMS Bundle is about to close up and will be over in the next couple of days. All of the games featured here have overtly positive feedback and warrant your attention. Let us know have you purchased this Humble Bundle? If not yet, are you planning on it? Why or why not? Let us know in the comment section below.

As well as your opinions and insights into this week’s news, let us know if you think we left something out that others should know about. To stay up to date on the latest gaming news check back weekly for your Early Access Gaming content, and if you are a developer yourself, or if you are just interested in writing about the indie gaming industry, feel free to write an article featuring your games or opinions on our website. This is a community and you as a member if it matter, so let your voice be heard, we would love to hear it.

by Phillip Prado

Phillip Prado
Phillip Prado is an avid follower of all things tech, culture, and art. He studied culture and communications throughout college and has been a writer the majority of his life. Tie that in with his lifelong love for video games and here we are. "I genuinely just love being a part of something creative. Indie game journalism allows for that in a way I have not been able to find anywhere else. Not only do we, as writers, get to create, but we get to surround ourselves with something inpecably inspiring."