Eagle Island: The adventure of a boy and his avian friend.

Eagle Island is a game currently in development, but when playing the demo, it felt like a complete gaming experience. After exploring every available area, cave and desert, I can safely say I WANT MORE!

Eagle Island was so incredibly fun I just couldn’t stop playing. During my time with the preview, I was hell-bent on finding every different chest, collecting every item, and killing every creature I saw.

Another unique challenge of the preview that kept me engaged was trying to locate all of the hidden signs. These signs gave information about what to expect in the full game once released. One sign read that Eagle Island will have 9 uniquely themed areas and another read that the game will have 3, heavily story driven, acts. This clever form of advertising got me even more excited about what is to come. I want to find out about the main character, Quill, and his Owl friend, Koji. I have so many questions. For example, "Why is a young boy exploring an island filled with monsters?" and "How did this boy and Owl come to be so close, close enough that the Owl would assist the boy in combat?"

I would like to see the combat fleshed out more in the full game. To me, lack of diversity with attacks is a bit too simple and bland. Maybe Koji's different forms (ice, fire, and electricity) could be explored and having different moves from one to the other would make combat more interesting. Also, a special move from Koji's various forms would need to be used to kill a certain type of creature, for example; Koji's fire form could be the only thing able to defeat an ice based enemy or vice versa. This, however, is just my personal opinion on the combat system but it is not enough to take away from the overall beauty of this game.

Level design is yet another standout feature of Eagle Island. The areas I explored were filled with different layers and so many difficult choices of where to explore, typical with the Metroidvania style of similar action/adventure games. Every area had its' own unique creatures as well. Forest areas had plant and bug type creatures, a killer plant and gas-producing mushrooms. Underground areas were populated with mole creatures, and so on.

The element that made me fall in love with this game the most is the art style. Eagle Island has a beautifully modernized pixel art style, not unlike the game Shovel Knights that came before it. The art style really works with the atmosphere of this game and adds even more appeal. The animations of the characters are wonderfully executed using different frames of pixel art that flow seamlessly, without any unnatural looking movements.

In addition to visuals, a big part of creating tension, suspense and emotion are the use of sound and music. The music throughout Eagle Island is absolutely amazing. The soundtrack transitions with you, denoting each new area. Even the music in the title sequence is so beautiful that I was happy to have it playing throughout many of the areas I traveled to because it made me feel like even more of an explorer than I already was.

So in conclusion, I am excited to see Eagle Island's goal reached on Kickstarter. The game has reached over 100% of its £20,000 target, so a full version of this immersive game can be developed and we can explore even more of the spectacular Eagle Island.

Be sure to try it for yourself. The demo can be found on itch.io or Gamejolt

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