Edengrad: Reclaiming Arizona

Fight for survival in a desolate wasteland and rebuild society.

Edengrad a is brand new MMO developed by Polish developer Huckleberry Games, inspired by classic post-apocalyptic stories like Fallout and Mad Max. Edengrad had been in development for a while before being picked up by an investor in early 2015. The team expanded and work went into full swing. In addition to that, Huckleberry attracted $41K in backing from Kickstarter. Within a week of being greenlit on Steam, Edengrad ranked second among thousands of other greenlit games. The game features real-time combat, in depth crafting, a plethora of skills to develop, and a community driven settlement creation mechanic.

It's a wild wild west

Edengrad begins in true post-apocalyptic fashion. You step into the role of a fresh faced recruit inside a Fallout style habitable underground vault. After running a few errands around the vault, you are sent outside into the wasteland. One of the first missions you undertake on the surface introduces you to Edengrad's myriad of skills and utilities such as; mining, smithing, woodworking, farming, and tailoring. You'll have to watch out for your hunger and thirst when out in the wasteland. Though you should always be wary of being too hungry or thirsty, the game is generous in the fact that your hunger and thirst don't degrade at an unfair rate. There are numerous quests to partake in, both underground and on the surface and that's just the first phase of the game. You'll be tracking down thieves, taking honey from mutated bees, fighting giant spiders, and fixing ancient equipment. Edengrad is currently in alpha, so the amount of content currently in the game is astounding.

Cools guys never look back

I really enjoy leveling up my utility skills, like mining and crafting. Being able to craft that next new piece of armor or weapon really adds depth to character progression. Each skill has an extensive skill tree. The crafting tree allows the creation of better shelters and quality of life objects like beds and dressers. The smithing tree allows for the creation of various weapons like machetes and axes. There's also gunsmithing and cooking as well. Progress far enough and you'll have the option to buy a plot of land. With the land, you can build and decorate your own shelter. By leveling up your building skill you'll be able to build stronger walls and defenses for your shelter. Construct a farm to grow crops to keep yourself fed. Build a work shed complete with sewing station for armor and a carpentry station for improving defenses. Build your dream post-apocalyptic survivor's shelter.

So many places to loot

Now you could strike out on your own, horde food and supplies or you could create or join a group of like minded survivors and form a settlement. A big part of Edengrad is the ability to team up with other players to form your own community. Build a sprawling town with high walls and lots of weapons, or a large farm to produce food for everyone, there are so many building options and there are only more to come. Controls for building work very well. I had no trouble placing walls or anything else where I wanted them to be.

Welcome home

The game is currently in alpha and under heavy development, but you can get in on the ground floor and help shape the future of the game. Check out the official page here for everything Edengrad. Join the fight to reclaim the surface, maybe you'll see me there.

Sam Kemp
Sam Kemp
Sam Kemp is an all around geek and proud of it. From tech to games, he even majored in game design in college. He loves playing games now, but hopes to be making them in the near future.