Evil Genome – A great Metroidvania title

Ah, not every day do you get the excitement of waking up with amnesia from a futuristic jet crash. You can smell the fresh smell of destruction, standing up as the wind blows through your luscious hair. You stop to think, how could you get to such a beautiful site? But then realize you can’t remember how you got there. Am I going too far with this? Probably so. If you know me, I love Metroidvania titles! (Which is expressed in my review for Beyond Human, should go check it out!)

A great place to start

Evil Genome, is an indie title being developed by Crystal Depths Studio. If you’re any normal person with a great computer unlike me you’d be able to load up the game without problems. But that aside, jumping straight into the first level, I had no clue what I was doing. The character was walking slow, and I wasn’t too sure if it was lag. Walking around the opening area with no sense of what to do, I finally managed to get my controller to work.

In the beginning, you have to pick up two items which then allows you to get right into the action with the gameplay. You’re introduced to an Intelligent Ball (which reminded me of your ghost companion in Destiny). It scans you and reveals that the character you’re playing as is named “Lachesis” though obviously from some jet lag, and a small bit of amnesia, she has no clue who that is. Now the gameplay begins to allow you to run around, and do cool attacks. The first few enemies you come across are huge scorpions. They’re pretty easy to get by, and I found it easier to use your guns to kill them off rather than hack and slash your way through.

Exploring the depths

On your way through the level, you come across the mission of finding an item to help the Intelligent Ball improve your memory (somehow.) I decided to just play through the first few missions as my game had begun to lag. Tracking down this certain object you come across a human camp, which at first the humans try to attack you, but when you finally manage to get into the camp area, they befriend you and tell you where you can find the object you’re looking for.

Through this cave, you’re introduced to radioactive enemies, which represent weird mutated creatures that act like zombies. Trailing your way down to the source, you come up to your first boss fight, which was honestly pretty challenging, and fun. After beating the boss, you find out that the person you’re looking for has been killed by someone or something (Can’t be that easy to end the game), and that person seems to be able to appear and disappear from out of nowhere.

A great experience

Starting off with the graphics, they are well detailed. You can tell what's going on, and not have trouble recognizing what the developers were trying to go for. For all of you high-end gamers out there these visuals are surely a treat to the eye. The music is well composed. It fits the intensity of a battle (especially for the first boss) and gives a true atmosphere to the game. It easily adapted to its environment and gives you the true sense of action.

As for the gameplay, I played with a controller, and it felt very responsive, not too sensitive, and not too bulky. Though I did have some trouble, as when you come to a certain object such as a box that you need to push, the game can confuse whether you’re trying to push/pull the box or jump. I had some trouble jumping over a box as the character would think I’m trying to grab the box. Other than that, it really hits the nail for how well it allows you to play the game.

I also found it cool being able to break the environments' surroundings. Such as boxes, and small things that you wouldn’t think you’d be able to reach in the foreground. Skillset trees can also be found in your start menu. Allowing you unlock new abilities, and use them to your advantage every time you level up.

Evil Genome, was a great experience. I enjoyed playing most of what I could without the fear of it crashing. If you’re into Metroidvania type games, or just want an amazing hack and slash title to play. I recommend picking up Evil Genome. You can find it on Steam for $14.99 Available on Windows.

David Strickland
Just an average gamer, aspiring to be a game journalist. Also a cat.