Fat Dog Games announces Longboard Downhill and Mountain Climbing Simulator!

Fat Dog Games, an indie games publisher from Poland, has announced the release dates of two new sports games made by Dev4Play. Both games will be available on Steam and received release dates.

Longboard Downhill is a simulator of longboard riding down steep, mountain asphalt roads. The player’s goal is to ride downhill in the shortest time possible. The game offers two riding modes: Freeride, where the player chooses his route freely, and Challenge, where the player races against AI competitors.

During the race, the player can not only earn experience points but also virtual money to spend on gear upgrades. To gain access to different routes in racing mode, one must first complete them in free ride mode. The game offers a variety of levels, landscapes, wingsuits and customization, available via an in-game store. The store will be equipped with additional equipment - helmets, overalls, and wheels, which will alter the parameters during the ride, but also boards and gloves, giving players a chance to distinguish themselves from others.

Longboard Downhill will be out on Steam, 13th December 2017.

Mountain Climbing Simulator is an FPP simulation-type game about climbing steep, rocky mountains. Players will get a chance to climb various landscapes on a huge, diversified map. The game will feature two different modes - Challenge and Free-roam, as well as changing the weather to make our climb a little more challenging.

Mountain Climbing Simulator will be out on Steam, 30th January 2018.

More information about the games is available on Fat Dog Games website. Follow us on social media to learn more about both titles. As they develop, we will disclose more information and in-game content in the upcoming weeks!