Five Nights of Fear: The Joy of Creation

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Jump Scares Galore!

The Joy of Creation: Story Mode, a fan-made Five Nights at Freddy's game, has been a long time coming. The game's development has been bumpy. The Joy of Creation started as a true to form FnaF game. You played as Scott Cawthon(the creator of FnaF) as he is assaulted in his own home by the characters he created, the player would have to use a flashlight with an ever draining battery to keep the animatronic monstrosities at bay. But development hit a snag and the game was canceled before release. After taking a vote to gauge interest, the developer revived the game releasing it as The Joy of Creation: Reborn. TJoC: R strays from the traditional formula, opting for a free roaming experience, much like Slender: The Eight Pages. Finally, we arrive at Story Mode, released late last month. The game tells the origin story of Scott Cawthon, his family, and the monsters that would inspire the games.  The name itself stems from an easter egg from the fifth night of the original game.  When the phone call from the fifth night is reversed it plays an exert from Autobiography of a Yogi in which the words "Joy of Creation" are the most prevalent.

Who's at the door?

The story is told over five levels, represented as repressed memories. Each level takes place in a different room of the Cawthon house and features a different member of the family. The game starts in Scott's son Nick's bedroom. The second level features Scott's Wife Val in the living room. The last three levels, the office, the basement, and the attic feature Scott Himself. Each memory follows some form of the traditional FnaF formula. Before each level starts you're given instructions on which robot will appear where and how to deal with them.

Say Hello!

Each level is truly frightening. Don't let the fact that Joy of Creation is a fan made game fool you. The graphics are top notch, each member of the Freddy Fazbear crew is animated to terrifying perfection, and the voice acting is on point. This fan-made game stands at the top of all FnaF games, it's challenging, scary, and a blast when played with friends. No matter how many times, the jump scares always got me. The only draw back is that as the difficulty ramps up level by level, there are points where luck plays too big a role. You can end up in unavoidable situations of getting flanked by two baddies at once. Luckily, as a game that's meant to be played in short bursts and replayed many times, this short coming can be mostly overlooked.

And don't let the door hit you!

There have been five true FnaF games and a few other fan-made games. If you are a Fazbear fan, you're probably pretty bummed that the official sixth game in the series was canceled, but The Joy of Creation more than makes up for it. It's like five games in one, so if you love the thrills and chills of FnaF one through 5, you owe it to yourself to give this one a try. The game is available free for download here. Just be aware that the game does take some decent hardware to run.

Let's Play for The Joy of Creation is also available on our partner channel GameCast.

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Sam Kemp
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