Get a Preview of the new Xbox Insider program

Earlier last week, Microsoft announced that they would be revamping the Xbox Preview program with many new changes. Now named Insider, Microsoft is now ready to push the program to the next level.

The Old

With the old program, Xbox owners had the ability to get a first-look at upcoming Xbox One system updates and enhancements on existing features. To be part of the program, Xbox owners had to be given an invitation by Microsoft or by an existing member of the program. Members were also given access to the Preview Dashboard; an app that allows members to give their feedback on the program, get the latest news and report problems.

The New

With the new Insider program, members not only gain access to preview system updates but game and updates as well. This is possible with the implementation of the Games and Apps Preview programs into Insider. The Preview Dashboard also got changed to the Insider Hub. Xbox Insiders have a personalized experience; tailoring their dashboard with content that matches your interests. Finally, the Insider program will soon be available to all Xbox One owners starting with existing Preview members. Keep in mind that only current Preview members can have access to system updates.

What does this mean?

The new changes offered by the Insider program give Xbox owners more involvement with future content development. Not only are Xbox One user able to affect our future system updates, but also influence the development of the future games within Games Preview. With the program, players can now communicate with Indie game developers without having to be an exclusive member. This could be one of Microsoft’s smartest move yet.

By Anthony Riley