Hotel Majestic Demo – Impression By Christian Anderson

Imitation is the biggest form of flattery, even if you're imitating something that technically never existed because a psychotic company had rather chew off its own limbs than make money! Silent Hills is a game that never existed but left a huge impact on the gaming industry. It’s the “game” that was set in one hallway, but it was ever changing with horrific mind-bending events happening around you. Games like Resident Evil 7, Layers of Fear, and Visage are inspired by Silent Hills and tried to imitate it. Hotel Majestic takes another step toward it, by setting itself in a series of hallways that also happens to change to red at crucial moments.


While a corpse of a game echoes through this one; I must say it looks the part. The developer Dead Man, took a lot of time designing the environment and making it look authentic. Fun fact: Hotel Majestic is a real place in San Francisco, so it’s possible that Dead Man designed their hotel based on this real location. While it is unnerving to walk through a desolate hallway, where your footsteps echo; giving a great sense of isolation. There is one major problem: The lighting. A majority of the time; it's fine and it works great creating the atmosphere, but there are times where the lighting dims randomly and its jarring to witness. I thought I only had this problem, but looking at other videos; the problem re-appears. Hopefully, this problem will be resolved before releasing the full game.

As of now, gameplay isn’t much to talk about. You walk to point A to point B and grab a key/item to progress. It can become tedious because you can only walk and explore and it can be very easy to get lost. The exploration wouldn’t be tedious if there was maybe a map and secrets to find. Most of the time; you walk into an empty room that is highly detailed. Hotel Majestic does spice things up halfway through by having supernatural elements acting up and putting in story elements.

When I review video games; I’m big into storytelling. You can have the most simplistic/repetitive gameplay, but have an engaging story it will keep me playing. Hotel Majestic doesn’t reveal much about its plot, while the final moments did peak my interest. The plot revolves around a guy named: Frank, who wakes up after a crazy night of partying. He finds out he is completely alone and goes in search of his friends. A mysterious figure is making Frank go more unhinged as he progresses to the point where he may or may not have killed a couple of people. The story is on the right path, but our protagonist has no character. I think he’s supposed to be a blank slate that we project ourselves on, but he has little dialogue and history. Someone needs to inject him with a personality or he will be a weak element in the full game.

Hotel Majestic has peaked my interest and I will keep my eye on it for further development and I anticipate a full release. There is no release date for the full game yet, but if you want to check it out yourself; you can go to Game Jolt for a free demo download. The game is worth 30 minutes of your time and it might even peak your interest as well.

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson
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