Infinity Inc.: The Clone Wars

Have you ever thought about cloning yourself to avoid death? Well developers George and Helena Kobyakov have, and they are trying to make a game about it. Based in some sort of dystopian future, the game introduces a gun that can fire clones of yourself in order to complete tasks that would otherwise result in your death. Except for this time, the clone dies instead.

The basic premise of Infinity Inc. is a simple puzzle platformer. Most of the mechanics are things we’ve seen before in platformers that require two counterparts to play and complete. But the concept of the clone gun is what sets this game aloft from the crowd. In other games of this ilk, your counterpart is not dispensable and you must work in tandem to secure victory. Infinity Inc. teaches you to be ruthless. Your clones are merely a tool for you to utilise.

Infinity Inc.: Clone With The Wind?

Aesthetically the game is great. I must admit I have a penchant for pixel art games, but the art style of this game won me over instantly and suits the nature and gameplay perfectly. Accompanying this is a fantastic soundtrack that was used to great effect in the various puzzles. One particular gauntlet area in the demo was accompanied by a terrific beat to encourage your speedy completion.

Straight from the start it is apparent there is a dark humour afoot in this game and towards the end of the demo was my particular highlight of a suicidal, depressive train driver who laments the creation of the clones for stealing his wife. For anyone that has ever used the London Underground, you will be able to relate to this guy immediately. In a bleak and unpleasant setting, the humour is a very welcomed aside.

Indie Gem In The Making

The puzzles on offer in the demo offer relative challenge. One, in particular, left me stumped, but once solved gave me the ‘why didn’t you do that before’ emotion that only a regular player of puzzle game can ignore. It would be nice to see a lot more breadth in the puzzles come full release, but from looking at the screenshots shown on Indiegogo it seems the developers haven’t displayed their full hand yet.

Overall Infinity Inc. offered enough fun to make it interesting for the entirety of the demo and if the developers can keep that momentum going for a full game then it will make for a charming playthrough. I love supporting creativity and originality in indie games and it would be sad to see a game like this not make it to fruition. If you are interested in trying for yourself the demo is available over on Indiegogo, or GameJolt, and if you like the game don’t forget to pledge!

David Beamer
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