Kona: A Chilling Mystery

Kona is surreal jaunt through the frozen north.

Kona starts off with a simple case of vandalism in the frigid reaches of northern Canada. William Hamilton, a wealthy landowner, has had a string of vandalism at his northern hunting retreat. He has no leads on who the culprit may be, so he calls in outside help. Step into the gumshoes of Carl Faubert, a private detective, and war veteran. After getting caught in a strange blizzard on the way to the retreat, vandalism will be the least of his worries.

Welcome to the far north

Kona is an open world, mystery game for PC, Xbox, and PS4. You'll use your reliable pickup truck to navigate the large open area of 1970s rural Canada. The map is dotted with points of interest, each with its own story to tell. Each little mystery you encounter on the road is just a small part of the bigger mystery around you. Why is the town empty? What happened to your employer? Are you ever going to get paid? These questions will follow you as you make your way closer and closer to the original destination at the hunting retreat. The game isn't as simple as a few missing people. There is something else going on. There is strange glowing ice formation, your Polaroid camera reveals glowing animal tracks leading away from the ice.

Hope you like cold

Kona plays very well. The game is played from a first-person perspective. The game features survival elements. In the freezing cold, you have to keep track of your heat levels so you don't freeze to death. There are items to scavenge and puzzles to solve. The menu wheel works well at first, but as you collect more and more documents, and there are a lot of documents, the menu gets very cluttered. Other than that, the game is very navigable. The game works exceptionally well with full controller support. The road isn't all mental challenges and the fear of the cold, you'll also encounter aggressive wildlife and other, more supernatural, foes.

Where did everyone go?

Kona was developed by Parabole, a studio out of Quebec, Canada. The game had been in development since back in 2014. After a successful kickstart campaign, as well as an investment from the Canadian Media Fund, the game's first episode, began production. Kona actually began as a game about a detective and his trusty snowmobile traveling and taking pictures. The game evolved to include optional cases to do and rewards for solving them. When the game really began to take shape, they focused more on the case but made sure to keep the freedom of the large open world.

Things go bump in the night

Parabola really created something unique with Kona. It's a great blend of adventure, mystery, and survival. The setting is truly different and very well done. The radio in your truck even works. I really enjoyed listening to some tuneage as I drove around the frozen north. The story that unfolds as you make your way through town is an eerie and surreal experience that shouldn't be missed.

Sam Kemp
Sam Kemp
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