The Lighthouse: Pre-Alpha Demo Review

Born From The Shadows

Based in Orange County - California, Shadow Knights Studio are the three-person Indie developer team responsible for iOS game Love Monsters and 2014 puzzle title - The Lighthouse. The latter originally being a short and simple point ‘n click game made at Global Game Jam in only 48 hours. Setting itself apart from other titles in the genre we see the room of which the player is set to investigate, periodically illuminated by the nearby lighthouse which reveals clues that you wouldn’t have initially seen. A novel little idea that seemed to go down well with players. So much so that Shadow Knights have decided to; as founder and programmer Laylee Bodaghee would put it, "Do what Hollywood does and press the re-boot button".

In development for just over a year on Unreal 4, we are informed that the remake will contain a campaign around three to five hours long (depending on your detective skills). This is without a doubt a lot more than a ‘fleshed out’ version of the original title which you could get through in around ten minutes. The Lighthouse is currently in its pre-alpha stage and the studio have provided a short teaser demo of what’s in store for us.

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Paranormal Investigations

We assume control of Irvine, a private detective who’s received a mysterious note from a person going only by the initials L.B asking him to look for their missing daughter Lily at her last known location - the lighthouse. What makes this particular request even more disturbing is that the letter has been slid under his office door on February 19th, the exact date to which Irvine lost his own daughter to cancer 7 years before. His daughters name - yep, you guessed it.

Torch in hand, we are tasked with investigating three rooms which contain ambiguous letters and objects, a safe of which to crack and a bed adorned with bloody sheets that would make Mario Puzo proud. The titular star of the show intermittently present, as we see it hauntingly shine through the bedroom window, regaling us with step by step assistance like some sort of ethereal Miss Marple. Along with the nifty lighting mechanic the game utilises investigatory puzzle solving and what seems to be a mild psychological horror element. All things that have of course been done many times before, but it’s how they are executed together that remains to be the most intriguing factor.

                          Irvine                                                        Lily

"The Lighthouse relies on sound, ambience, mood and lighting to deliver an unmistakable sense of tension and dread".

- Shadow Knights (Kickstarter)

To sum up, this interesting looking title with its crisp visuals and Amnesia-esque atmosphere is certainly one I’ll be keeping my eye on. If It tickles your pickle then head over to Shadow Knights' website and download the demo. Even better; pay their kickstarter page a visit as they haven’t a ton of time left to reach their goal and with pledge packages starting at as little as a dollar, it’d be nice to see this project come to fruition.

The Lighthouse is currently being funded on Kickstarter


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