A Little Less Desperation Review

With Sci-Fi always being a popular genre in many mediums, whether it be video games, movies, comics, or shows, this is surely a form of entertainment that is unlikely to fade out anytime soon. So far in 2016 Sci-Fi has really had it’s run with multiple projects being released. This genre is versatile, due to its ability to be enjoyed by multiple different people of different backgrounds and cultures. What’s better than experiencing something different from the norm? I mean that is why we play video games, watch movies and read comics and books, right?

A Little Less Desperation is a new Sci-Fi, adventure point-and-click video game released by Deaf Bird Entertainment, a German, Indie game development company. The story starts out by introducing us to Jacob, an organic vegetable farmer. Jacob notices something in the sky that falls near his farm. He ventures out and is met by Harold, a small alien that seems to have some menacing traits under his sleeves. They’re both abducted back into the ship where their endeavors start to begin. Well, let’s rewind a little, Jacob was sucked into the ship by that impressive beard he has!

The first room Jacob finds himself in holds many gizmo’s and gadgets, a complicated toilet from space, hidden tools, and a door with a very strong lock. Throughout the room, it’s expected of the player to collect items to use to try and escape and venture out into the rest of the ship. Each milestone of escaping a room becomes more challenging and engaging. If you like challenging games, with snarky commentary, with interesting graphics and art, this is surely a game you should look into playing!

From my personal opinion, nerdy background and love for a challenge that require me to use my mushy brain, this game embodies a great amount of content that pushed me to keep playing. I found myself struggling at times to figure out how to venture into the next room, but I didn’t get frustrated. I think the commentary I received from Jacob reinforced me in positive ways to keep on playing and to not give up. In most other games where I would have given up, I was laughing instead at the remarks Jacob kept throwing at me and my efforts to escape to the next room. I also gained a feeling triumph and victory when finding small new tools and being able to use them based on my surroundings. This game is not only challenging but rewarding as well.

This game has currently just finished its funding period on Kickstarter. To play the Demo of A Little Less Desperation, you can access it here. This game is capable of being played on both Mac and Windows! Let us know what your thoughts and comments are on the demo as well as sharing it with your own community of gamers and Sci-Fi loving friends.

By Kristen Raling