LUCAH – Don’t go to Sleep

Now you know what falling through the rabbit hole must have felt like. Welcome to a land of nightmares, in Melessthanthree's LUCAH, an action-RPG battleground about finding oneself within the darkness. After having a horrifying dream, you awake in an unfamiliar world as Lucah, lost and alone, but before long the inhabitants of this world make themselves known. Strange, and downright creepy beasts surround you, and they are not friendly, however, you are not utterly defenseless either. With mystical powers of your own and a plethora of different moves to unlock, you must fight back against these nightmares to find a way out of this hell and return to your own world. Chilling and intense, traverse the labyrinth of darkness, encounter mysterious others with unknown intentions, and maybe you will wake up again.


Come at me!

Starting off the player is eased into the general feel of the controls, and given a step up combat opponents to begin exploring the different abilities Lucah has, be it close combat slashes, projectiles, or charged attacks. But don't get too comfortable as the difficulty ramps up quite sharply, so no coasting through allowed. Skills are customizable depending on which elemental Mantras you discover throughout the map, and you can mix and match across two individual sets, that can be interchanged at the push of a button at any time using Paradigm Shift. So if one strategy isn't working, players can equip another to act as a backup, that can be switched in the heat of battle. There are also Virtues to unlock, but with a limited amount of slots, you need to pick and choose wisely based on your play style. And most importantly, everything plays super smooth!

No more cheese before bed

Remember those pesky bonfires in Dark Souls, the only place you can save and regenerate your health? Yes, only here they are masquerading as crosses. But much like bonfires players will be very pleased to see them. From these points as well is where Lucah can be leveled up, with a very cool system that presents you with multiple options to choose from in groups of four until you run out of points to spend. Something else that I certainly utilized a lot is the Rewind ability. So the fight isn't going your way, and health is being drained alarmingly fast, well then time to restart. Rewind does exactly that, putting Lucah back to the start of that particular segment so players can basically have a do over, without the pain of actually dying. Only now there is the added bonus of knowing what is coming, see tactical.

Fever Dreams

By far the biggest draw for me when presented with this game was the art style, without a doubt. The amazing contrast of vibrant neon colors against the stark almost chalkboard backdrop is perfect for a nightmarish world, looking like a negative photograph after consuming far too much sugar. The movement is fast with explosive animation, making it feel even more like you are spinning out of control, and the creatures appear even more terrifying with so little definition, it is impossible to know what you are looking at. Horrifying but beautiful at the same time, and completely captures the surreal terror of this game. I was also digging the soundtrack, be it the melancholy creep fest in the opening that sent shivers down my spine, or the battle anthems spurring me into the fight. It all plays into the mood, steering the player's emotions flawlessly.

Sleep is for the weak!

Oddly to say this game is a delight, I felt challenged and accomplished when facing off against trickier foes and found myself falling into the world with the right amount of fascination and intrigue. At this point in the demo, not much of the story is really given away, and the snippets of text you do get move are gone too fast to take it all in! It acts like the panicked ramblings we all hear in our heads from time to time, making it hard to pull anything substantial from, just like a dream or nightmare. I like where this game is headed, and am eager to see the end result.

The demo for Lucah is currently available to download here, I urge you to give it a go and see for yourself how interesting it is, and it currently has Kickstarter page here. At the time of writing this I believe there is just over a week and a half to go, so please do go and support the team to make this game happen!

Don't turn out the light, for there be monsters. Open your eyes and step into the depths of LUCAH!

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