My Time at Portia – Our Indie Pick of the Week

When it comes to RPGs, I’m normally very picky. I can’t say I’ve honestly ever played an RPG all the way through. But one game I saw recently caught my eye. That game is My Time at Portia. This is an indie open-world RPG being developed by Pathea Games. It brings a great variety of characters to meet, and a huge world to explore. It has most features that you’d look for in an RPG such as; character customization, main story quests, side quests, a variety of monsters/animals to go into first-hand combat with, plus much more!

A Great Start

Hoping right in, I felt a little smile form on my face. My Time at Portia gave me a sort of cheerful vibe. When starting off you’re immediately taken to the character customization screen. The options for customizing are limited, but that’s because it’s in alpha, and I’m sure there will be plenty of options in the future! You can change the hair color and hair length of your character, then proceed to name your character.

A cutscene plays with you riding a boat with a sailor to the island of “Portia”. Once the player has arrived, you're greeted by Brently, leader of the town's local guild. He tells you about Portia, and hands you an apology letter that the player’s father had left for them. After reading the apology letter from your father, Brently departs back to the town and asks for you to meet him at the guild tomorrow. The next day is when you’re actually able to take control of your character.

Open-World Done Right

The gameplay for this title is very responsive, and I didn’t have trouble at all. For it being in alpha the controls are well polished. Indoors you’re unable to punch or jump. Whereas outdoors you can do almost everything. The music for this game is very well put together. I just love the soundtrack, it made me feel as if I were on the island itself running around doing various tasks to help progress through the game.

It honestly didn’t take long before I started to enjoy the game. Not only for it being an RPG but because of the open-world aspect. It allows you to stray off and do things on your own, rather than being forced to do one thing at a time, and follow a story. You can interact with villagers, and even spar with them (I found this feature really awesome!).

My Time at Portia is truly an amazing game, and I can’t wait to play more of it! There’s just so much to do, and a lot of places to explore. If you’re looking for a great open-world RPG that also serves somewhat of a sandbox game then I would highly suggest checking out this title! My Time at Portia is planned to release on Windows in October of this year, and possibly to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch mid-2018.

Feel free to try out the alpha on Steam Early Access!

Also be sure to check out the trailer down below:

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