Never Again (Literally.) – First Impressions

Horror games… Don’t you just love them? From a previous article, I did about Rail Theory (which you should go check out) you can tell that I just absolutely ADORE horror games! You can see the sarcasm right through me, can’t you? Scary isn’t it?

A Horror Game of Course

Never Again being developed by Primary Games, is another horror game that I was recommended to check out (because again I love horror games.) And of course, with not knowing what to expect. From the beginning, you awake as the character named “Sasha Anders” a thirteen-year-old girl who suffers from asthma. Recently she was having some kind of nightmare and needs to find her inhaler. After retrieving her inhaler she notices that the house is awkwardly very quiet.

Exploring around the room you’re tasked with the small challenge of finding a way out of the room. You can now open your closet, and well. Let's just say I almost wanted to quit. Thanks, crow, I really appreciated it. And exploring the closet, sadly there was no gate way to the mystical world of Narnia. But I think that would’ve made up for me nearly having a heart attack. My next thing to explore was the little dollhouse that Sasha had in her room.

Continuing the Nightmare

Not knowing what to really do for the next couple of minutes I finally realized I needed to move the blocks that spelled out “Lock”. Behind the blocks was a number, which I assumed was to the lock on the chest, of course examining the lock, and with my knowledge of roman numerals, it was a slow process of counting from one to five. Finally, unlocking the chest, I retrieved a diary. After that, I went brain dead again for another few minutes (Me and horror games. Am I right?). I walked around a room a few and headed back to the closet (maybe I was missing something.) And then all of the sudden FWOSH! A big white light flashed before me, and did I go to Narnia? No. I ended up in a cave (In Narnia? Possibly.) Exploring the cave was a little bit easier than exploring the room.

Going further in, you see come across more puzzles, until you get to the end where you’d never guessed it. A room full of doll parts, (yaaay!) I immediately wanted to leave the cave. Having no choice but to move forwards, and examining the parts with my own eyes, I decided to head back now. Then, they formed together and asked me if I wanted to hear a fairy tale. If you were there, you would’ve been able to see the soul jump out of my body. But thankfully for the sake of my soul, the demo had finally come to an end.

A Game to fit the Season

My thoughts on Never Again are that I honestly had a fun time. I gotta hand it to the developers they really know how to develop an atmosphere for a game, and if it’s anything, a horror game needs a great atmosphere to be able to give people the real scare. The music really fit the tone of the game, from the beginning you’d be greeted with that peaceful charming music, and feel as if you’re right at home. The gameplay was spot on, it felt just as if I had the finished product in my hands. So in all, I was really impressed with everything that they had to offer. From graphics to gameplay, it all really felt great, and I enjoyed it (not the scary parts).

What I would honestly like to see the developers do is make Never Again VR compatible. This game would be PERFECT for Virtual Reality, though me myself never having the money to actually own a Virtual Reality headset to experience it. I feel this game would be a great experience for those who do own a headset and are looking for something new and scary to play!

The season of fall is here, and October is just a month a way! If you really want a good horror game to play for this upcoming season, I’d recommend checking out Never Again it’s on Steam Early Access for $4.99, and if you can’t purchase Early Access be sure to check out the little demo that they have to offer! Available on Windows.

David Strickland
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