Of Kings and Men

On the 25th August this year, “Of Kings and Men” was released on Steam as an Early Access title. OKAM is developed by Donkey Crew. The team responsible for, arguably, the best mod is Mount and Blade: Warband; “cRPG”.

The game is described as a 3rd person, “Persistent Medieval War” game set in the 13th century with both European and Eastern influences. The game consists of multiple game modes, including Conquest (much like Battlefield, large teams fight for objective control), Duels (1v1 Arena) and Skirmish (Small 5v5 games).

The main game mode, however, “The Epic”, is a persistent open-world environment where players can join factions and create outposts, which eventually, can be built up through stages until they become cities. Everything is player-driven. Negotiation between factions, large territory wars with hundreds of players, sieges, these are all things expected to be delivered in “The Epic” as development continues.

I like to think of it as Game of Thrones Simulator 2k16. (You probably hate me for that)

The combat system in OKAM is very similar to the combat from Warband, with mouse controlled swings and lunges. However, the developers of OKAM have simplified it by moving almost all the combat controls to your left mouse button. Hold the button and move in the direction of an oncoming sword to block, release in the direction of which you’d like to swing. Simple as that. Well… it sounds simple until you have 20 enemies running at you from the top of a valley. Let's just say the game will have an interesting learning curve if you never played a Mount and Blade game.

Due to a couple hiccups in the launch of “The Epic” during the first 2 months after release, the game has had a massive drop in players and the current population is very small, with a peak of around 50 concurrent players in the last few weeks. Due to this, they’ve received a lot of bad feedback on the Steam page. Hopefully, they can hype it up again before it dies young!

Despite all this, Donkey Crew is amazingly focussed on their community. They post dev frames every day, outlining exactly what each developer is working on and they have a community Discord, where they chat with players about the game and just anything in general. These two things alone make me happy to say that I’ll be checking in on this game frequently to check out the changes in the near future.


Well played Donkey Crew! Reminding us that Devs are people too.

Written by Jack-Daniel “Whiskey” Hunt