Pantropy – Here there be Aliens!

Online survival games are fun nonetheless, with the recent growth and interest in developing online survival games over the past few years many great games such as Rust, Day Z, 7 Days to Die, H1Z1, and more have been receiving a great amount of feedback and gaining more and more players each day. Each theme allows the player to learn, and adapt to their environment.

“Pantropy” is an upcoming sci-fi MMOFPS with RPG elements open for closed alpha this year, while a full release is planned for 2018.

What we know about "Pantropy" so far... It has some notable features that play a big role in being a well-made online survival game such as; a faction based gameplay which includes two factions for the player to choose from, when on a faction, those of the same faction will be allowed to work together and build up bases and defence, and support each other grow, while facing off against the enemy faction.

There will be an in-depth crafting system that allows players to craft various tools, weapons, armor, and mechs, for those who have an eye out for the more powerful weapons much research is required before being able to obtain said powerful weapons. Complex base building and energy system will allow players to use various materials to build up their base, with generators and reactors to provide energy for those bases.

PvE and PvP will play a huge role as players are faced with the challenge of traversing the land to find more materials, and items while dealing with various alien-creatures to fight off, while avoiding players from the enemy faction. Modular Mechs, which also seem to play a role in combat, allowing the player to upgrade and make their mech even more powerful when going to war with nearby enemy players.

The player will level up through an XP System that rewards players mining, and various other tasks such as taking out enemies, taking out enemy faction players, as well as crafting various items.

There are also plans for different Biomes to settle and explore through, more than twenty unique weapons, points of interest such as abandoned buildings, a large 10x10km map, and grouping. Grouping plays an important role as it’s encouraged not to go explore out on your own, grouping will allow players to reach goals faster and obtain items, and xp quicker.

Servers for the game will be able to host up to 64 players as of right now, Brain Stone hopes to be able to expand this limit to make room for a larger world map, more biomes, and larger wars between players and creatures to take place. “Pantropy looks like a promising title, and I recommend giving a look at it, with all these various features I wouldn't mind giving it a shot, sign-ups for the open alpha are available now if you’d like to try it out. I’m eagerly awaiting the future progression of “Pantropy” and I have a feeling it’s going to turn out to be a great online survival game.

Check out this pre-alpha gameplay trailer!


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