Post War Dreams – Alpha Demo

It’s always great to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. My comfort zone is playing survival horror games and rarely sometimes dip my head into the toxic wasteland know as multiplayer. Speaking of toxic wasteland; I found another RPG survival game that takes place in the toxic wasteland of America called: Post-War Dreams being developed by Pulse Tense Games. However, it’s no ordinary RPG survival, but a 2.5 side-scroller platformer RPG survival game. Post-War Dreams is in its very early pre-Alpha state and can be fun when it decides not to have a mental breakdown. Like I said, this game is in early pre-Alpha, so the problems I'm about to address are hopefully temporary until the full game.

I understand Post War Dreams is still in early development, but there were times I wished I had a physical copy of the demo to set in the toaster! The pre-alpha demo I would say is almost unplayable. That’s a shame because I do like the gameplay idea. It’s a 2.5 side-scroller platformer with RPG survival elements, but it’s all weighed down by much-needed optimization. The aiming cursor at times would choose to be a pacifist and not aim at the enemy and pressing “F” will make you take cover with your first high chest wall. Melee is equivalent to not hitting someone and at times my character will teleport all over the place because of lag. The pre-alpha demo needs a lot more polish to make it an enjoyable experience.

I can’t harp about the graphics because the game is in its early alpha stage, but I’m going to. First the positive: I like the comic book presentation it is going for and the music is enjoyable. However, the game can be an eyesore to look at. It comes down to the color palate they are using, which is 50 shades of brown. If they are going for a comic book style, then it should be more colorful like a comic book. At times, it looks like the game is overexposed; making it hard to find the aiming cursor and the electric traps. Character models, of course, are rough around the edges and are still being worked on. The graphics can be easily fixed, so I’m not worried about the game’s final presentation.

Post-War Dreams story is about a man going on an epic quest to commit genocide on all militia groups. That’s not the real story, but that’s the best I could come up with on why we are attacking a militia stronghold. For what it is worth, the world gets nuked, you’re a random survivor, and you help/kill people that are in your way. I am hoping this game will be more story focused than the other RPG survival games; where they want you to come up with a story because they were too lazy to think of one.

Post-War Dreams pre-alpha demo can be fun when it functions. The best way to summarize this game is if you like fallout, but wished it was a 2.5 side-scroller platformer, then I can recommend this game. However, I would wait for a later demo that is much better optimized or you will have a bad time. Post-War Dreams is planned to be released fall 2017.

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson
Hello there! I am Christian Anderson. I'm attending college and majoring in video game design and story writing. My favorite types of games to play is Survival Horror games and like to stream myself playing them because I enjoy sharing my experience and talking with you.