Quur: First Impression

With many aspiring developers making games, it is no surprise that there is a lot of competition. For independent games to gain the recognition they deserve, developers have to offer a unique idea that separates their game from others. Behind the intelligent minds of students of Supinfogames Rubika comes Quur; a 3D action adventure game that allows the player to interact with the world through the power of color.

Quur is a very straightforward game with strong positive qualities like high interactivity with the world, stunning visuals, and beautiful soundtrack. The power of the Color functions as a universal tool allowing you to navigate through the environment, and combat or utilize the power of enemies. These interactive qualities are found in a vibrant world, filled with color. Accompanying the game is original music by Marc Enciso. Each song beautifully compliments the different areas in the game. With qualities like this, the game could be almost perfect. Emphasis on "almost".

The game suffers from a couple of flaws. After the first five minutes of scarce tutorials for the game, all forms of help disappeared. No mini map, no indicators, and no sense of direction. This lack of guidance left me lost and stranded at some points. To make things worse, the gameplay was rather lackluster. Adding to my experience were clunky controls and an unreliable framerate. This made it very difficult to play the game and left me overall, dissatisfied.

I feel that the shortcomings found in Quur prevent the game from becoming great. The skill of the students responsible for the creation of the game is certainly there, but they are held back with a multitude of problems. Even though development of the game has been completed, I wish to see another game made by the same group. If they can really work on their mistakes, then they could possibly create an amazing game.

By Anthony Riley