Robonauts: Straight Shooting Fun

Robonauts is a game that shows perseverance. The game developers themselves have shown this, along with dedication and tenacity, in attempting to release the game. Initially launching a Kickstarter campaign in late 2016 which was cancelled whilst being partially funded. However, the game has continued in development undeterred.

You, the player, also need perseverance to play the game. Playing as Robo, one solitary, single robot who must fight his way through a seemingly endless horde of enemies. Robo is tasked with destroying enemy ‘nests’ from the world, and in doing so you can help stop the endless flood. However, this is easier said than done.

The art style of the game is bold, brash and vibrant. Using an array of luminous colours, the developers have built a world that is meant to stand out. Accompanying this is a soundtrack that matches this vibrancy well. The music is loud and energetic, and this suits how the game plays and feels.

Robonaut To Ten

From the small demo level I played, moving between the individual ‘planets’ of a level quite literally turned gravity upside down.  A small jump would move Robo to the next planet with a flip, as you continue to mow down any of the enemies that quickly descend on your new position. The difficulty of the game wasn’t particularly rage enducing, but was enough to remain challenging.

What initially may look as a standard platformer, is very much a different beast underneath. Taking inspiration from arcade shoot-em-ups, the game has a much more frantic and frenzied pace. This is another of those games, that once you fire up for a small burst of gameplay, it could quite quickly snowball into an epic marathon gaming session. Especially as the art style and music are set to keep you enraptured.

Robonauts is still under development but you can download the demo of the game here and If you enjoy the game, then let the developers know on social media and show your support. Sometimes good ideas and good games are overlooked in the deluge of Kickstarter projects, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve our attention and don't deserve to be made.

David Beamer
David Beamer
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