Sparkour Alpha Demo – Impression

I used to avoid multiplayer only games like the black plague because the community in those games are toxic and will ruin your day. However, I have made an acceptation by checking out a game called: Sparkour. This little indie darling is a game very much like Mirror's Edge, but a multiplayer only game that has you race against three other players. Now the game is in its alpha stage, so some things that I’m going to address will probably change and hopefully, content will be added later. However, this is a way to keep an eye on issues just in case they pop up again in later updates as well as giving ideas that could improve the game.

Unfortunately, only a very small minority of players are playing Sparkour, but I manage to play around with random players. After playing an online match, I for once felt this great sensation called: Fun. For once, I had fun playing a multiplayer only game. Sadly, it was short-lived because I never got another match, but there’s also local play and you can play offline. I’m giving Sparkour extra points for that because the majority of multiplayer games don’t even have those features. I could play more of Sparkour and enjoy what the demo had to offer right now.

The gameplay is great, but there are slight issues, which I will get to later.

You don’t feel floaty, you feel fast and very fluid. How does it compare to Mirror's Edges? It’s not as complex as Mirror's Edge where you must roll on the ground to prevent fall damage, swing off bars, wall jump, and jump vaults. Sparkour has the basics of the free-flow movement. You can wall-run, climb walls, slide, and crouch jump. Basic, but I did get way more mileage out of the mechanics than the parkour in Dying Light.

There are power-ups you can collect and they are pretty much standard for a racing game. You have the speed boost, standard and homing projectile, the shock wave, double jump, traps, and the shield. They all work just fine, but I do like the speed boost and the double jump. They were fun to experiment with.

There is only one level to play and it looks great! It has this graphic novel cell shading that reminds me of the race trails from the first Mirror's Edge game. You can find shortcuts and experiment with the level design. The racecourse is for the beginners, but I would like more open paths.

Experimenting with the game, I did find one problem. There are red checkpoints, you must collect all of them to complete the race. However, if you don’t; the race will go on forever. So, if you want to be very petty because you lost a race. You can hold other players' hostage there until you complete it or they quit the game. The race needs to end when there’s only one player still running.

Sparkour even has customization for your character, but there are not many options at the moment. I will be anticipating for future updates more content and hopefully, by then, the game will be more populated. You can pick up the demo on Steam and the game will be released sometime in 2017.

Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson
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