Pantropy – Here there be Aliens!

Online survival games are fun nonetheless, with the recent growth and interest in developing online survival games over the past few years many great games such as Rust, Day Z, 7 Days to Die, H1Z1, and more have been receiving a great amount of feedback and gaining more and more


A look at early access games that aren’t so early anymore.In 2008 satirical new site The Onion released one of my personal favorite video reports of theirs; “Should the Government Stop Dumping Money Into a Giant Hole?” Of course, it was in good jest and making fun of things we

ARK: Survival Evolved – Update

Xbox One players get ready for another round of updates for Ark: Survival Evolved! Wild Card Studio continues to improve and put out new content for their game that is still in "preview" status. Say what you will about the whole controversy around selling a DLC before a full game release,