Crystal Control 2: Bullet Hell

Crystal Control 2 is one of those games that seems simple to play at first but it is incredibly hard to master. From my experience playing this is most certainly true, the controls are simple to pick up but playing the game and winning it are entirely different feats. Described

Innocence: An Homage to Retro Horrors

Did you play Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark or any other horror-themed PS1 classic? If you did, then Innocence, which is currently in funding over on Kickstarter, might just be up your street. Developed by a one-man dev team, Innocence seeks to pay homage to the retro horrors of yesteryear. As something that struck my

The Works of Mercy: Murder Is An Empty Vessel

The Works of Mercy is an upcoming psychological thriller/horror game developed by Polish-based developer Pentacle. The game was originally funded in March 2016 with a release date of August 2016, which as the developers would have soon come to realise was too short of a development time, especially for the

Collision Course: Dinos Rule

Collision Course, a game by Crynosaurs is proof that dinosaurs rule. The game, currently in Steam early access, puts you in the shoes of a traveler stranded 70 million years in the past. The world is populated by hostile humans, robots, and of course lots of dinosaurs. I may have also