Kona: A Chilling Mystery

Kona is surreal jaunt through the frozen north. Kona starts off with a simple case of vandalism in the frigid reaches of northern Canada. William Hamilton, a wealthy landowner, has had a string of vandalism at his northern hunting retreat. He has no leads on who the culprit may be, so

The Fall of Lazarus: The Rise of Something New

The Fall of Lazarus is a great mystery that awaits in the depths of space. The Fall of Lazarus is a sci-fi exploration game by No Wand Studios out of Zaragoza, Spain. After an exceedingly successful Kickstarter campaign that wrapped up in March, development went into full swing. Heavily influenced by

Immersed in Space: Avorion

  Getting lost in space has never been so fun. Avorion, a game that began development over four years ago by Konstantin Kronfeldner is the space sandbox game we have all be asking for. Kronfeldner began building Avorion from scratch for fun, but after releasing some demos a community grew around the