Shadow Over Isolation Demo: First Impression

You know when I think about it, there aren't many video games that do storytelling like H.P Lovecraft. Why? Because H.P Lovecraft's writing is abnormal. Stories ranging from a small group of people going crazy and killing each other on a mountain, to stories like the cosmic world destroyer Cthulhu.

Awe of Despair: First Impressions

Awe of Despair is an indie survival horror game in development by Adrian Swearengin. It is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign where a free demo is available for you to check out.I love horror games, so of course, I had to check this one out. Especially, since

Bendy And The Ink Machine – Chapter Two

Bendy And The Ink Machine is a special type of game. It’s one of those games that just exploded onto the gaming scene from its indie roots and became a phenomenon. It has quickly acquired an avid and very active fanbase, who produce tremendous amounts of fan content from artwork

Bendy And The Ink Machine: Darker Than Ink

Bendy and the Ink Machine at first glance is reminiscent of old school Disney animations. It looks like the titular Bendy, could be stood next to Mickey Mouse or Steamboat Willie on a Disney project and nobody would bat an eyelid. The art style is charming in its simplicity; playing

Building a Legacy: Colina: Legacy

Colina: Legacy serves up a platter of everything die hard horror fans crave.In an age where zombies have dominated the horror genre, Colina is chock full of wonderful, eerie, horror classics. Samurai games, a small team out of Brazil, originally planned a February release date. In January, Samurai games