Post War Dreams – Alpha Demo

It’s always great to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. My comfort zone is playing survival horror games and rarely sometimes dip my head into the toxic wasteland know as multiplayer. Speaking of toxic wasteland; I found another RPG survival game that takes place in the

Darkwood – Creepin’ in the Trees

I don't know about you, but I hear the words dark and wood as a game title, and already I feel a shiver. Enter Darkwood, an especially creepy top-down survival horror, from Acid Wizard Studios. While it has been available to purchase and play for a few weeks through steam,

Edengrad: Reclaiming Arizona

Fight for survival in a desolate wasteland and rebuild society. Edengrad a is brand new MMO developed by Polish developer Huckleberry Games, inspired by classic post-apocalyptic stories like Fallout and Mad Max. Edengrad had been in development for a while before being picked up by an investor in early 2015. The

Shadow Over Isolation Demo: First Impression

You know when I think about it, there aren't many video games that do storytelling like H.P Lovecraft. Why? Because H.P Lovecraft's writing is abnormal. Stories ranging from a small group of people going crazy and killing each other on a mountain, to stories like the cosmic world destroyer Cthulhu.

Kona: A Chilling Mystery

Kona is surreal jaunt through the frozen north. Kona starts off with a simple case of vandalism in the frigid reaches of northern Canada. William Hamilton, a wealthy landowner, has had a string of vandalism at his northern hunting retreat. He has no leads on who the culprit may be, so