Unformed: Formless not Harmless

Unformed is an upcoming 2D, Metroidvania style platformer by Blackfire games. Blackfire is led by a core team of experienced developers with a wealth of experience in AAA game development. Inspired by a mix of Lovecraftian and Chinese lore, the game takes place in ancient China. Gameplay is inspired by games like Dark Souls and Salt and Sanctuary. The game features challenging combat and an intricate system of character development.


Unformed takes place in the Huangting Valley. The area once thrived as a place of health and immortality. By consuming an elixir, made from the flesh of the immortal earth spirit, the people of the valley can transform into a similar being and live forever. The catch is that the people have to take the elixir constantly. If even one dose is missed, the person will be left paralyzed in a near death state. A series of events leads to a conflict between three factions which wakes up a sleeping god. This awakening causes anyone who had been taking the earth spirit elixir to either go mad or fall into a deep sleep. Enter the heroine, drawn to this land by a mystical force to discover the truth about immortality.

Horse Boss
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Combat is a mix of, switching weapons, dodge rolls and using items and skills. Enemies are unpredictable and ruthless, they will combo you into oblivion without mercy. Like other games before it, Unformed also features stamina management. Be careful not to get caught with an empty stamina gauge. The system of character development in Unformed is inspired by the sphere grid system from Final Fantasy 10 and weapon skills from Monster Hunter. This comes in the form of cursed devices and raw stones. Raw stone, of varying qualities, are inserted into the cursed devices for varying effects. If done correctly, these devices could yield great power. Along with the cursed devices and raw stones, there is also a Souls style level system using memories dropped by enemies.

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Though Unformed is a 2D game, the environment plays a big roll. The game will feature dynamically changing levels, including environment based puzzles. Each level will feature its own unique gameplay. The art style and character design are great. Each level has its own style and feel and depth. There will be a lot to discover and explore on your way through the main story. There will also be a number of side stories to delve deeper into what happened in this legendary land.

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The game is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign. You can check out their Kickstarter page here. Blackfire also has another game currently out called Runestone Keeper, a roguelike dungeon crawler inspired by old school RPGS. Check that game out here. There is a demo available on their Kickstarter page, so give it a try and contribute.

Sam Kemp
Sam Kemp
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